Friday, 15 April 2011

Keeping Your Standards Up

Right, I'm gonna do a kind of 'stream of consciousness' post here...

Keeping your standards up is so important, it goes hand in hand with trusting your instincts. If you instinctively feel someone is lower value.... they probably are. If someone messes you around once... they probably will again. So important to 'control the frame' in the right way- you can't be dependent on any one person. Shouldn't be needy, or dependent on one particular outcome.

Recently, I think my standards have slipped in a couple of areas. Not ideal, but I've noticed it. I could say it's mainly due to the fault of others (it is) but I take responsibility for it.

Recently a family member of mine said another family member had "my best interests at heart". I thought about it. Only I have my best interests at heart, and I think that goes for most people in the world certainly. Other people have what they THINK are your best interests at heart, but really they're their best interests....

I'd say that some of my friends' interests are close enough to mine to make them very nearly have my best interests at heart... their goals and ideals are close enough to mine and their understanding of me is deep enough to really get me. Still, in terms of that real 'core deep inside interest'.... I've still got that. It's only me that feels the true elation of when I reach a goal, or the crushing moment if I fail. And that's life- you stand or fall on your own failures or achievements.

(I was thinking that was an alright ending... but you know..... gotta keep it positive... and upbeat...)

Fuck low value people. Fuck not achieving what I'm capable of. I've got a unique skillset, and the world hasn't even started to see what I'm capable of yet....

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