Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Commercial Properties

We are currently evaluating some good commercial properties. I may well be investing money myself- if we find a worthwhile project I can potentially let good people know for no 'sourcing fee'.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Over 110,000 views on now... will blast out more powerful writing in future...

Over 110,000 views on now... will blast out more powerful writing in future...

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Property Management

Quick post here...

If you're good at managing tenants as a company or a person in Yorkshire I will consider you for help in property I or my business partner purchase.

With me personally if I spend more time in property in time I will manage tenants more by myself (I already have managed some in a way) so anyone I choose will have to be happy with that and want to teach.

I would probably interview the tenants myself and I would have CCTV in any property I own or part own. Yet I'm happy to build good relationships with people... if I'm buying myself the most likely areas in this order are probably around Huddersfield, Barnsley or Wakefield, I would consider other areas such as Leeds but it would have to be a very good opportunity because of the time and petrol cost.

Friday, 10 May 2019

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Estate Agents

Will be doing three or more estate agents calls today... with over 13 years of sales experience I know which ones are good and have a 'can do' attitude in terms of sales :)

Happy to network here- also happy to chat to surveyors.


Nearly 110,000 views on now...

I won't be doing big 'views post'... because I have to show and prove more. Still spending time every day on property but I want to 'show and prove' the next time I spend time writing on that...

Going for walk soon... important to do goals everyday.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Bought Royal Mail yesterday- bargain at these levels.

Bought Royal Mail yesterday- bargain at these levels.


Still spending time on property- now also looking at commercial property in Yorkshire. Feel free to contact me with interesting opportunities.

Monday, 6 May 2019

"A circus of blood..."

"A circus of blood..."

Sunday, 5 May 2019


Blasting this out on a Sunday...

I haven't even really got that much of an idea in my mind starting this article...

Just that I like the flow of writing...

Hard to get money from it but money... worthless when you die...

Getting money in many other ways though...

Listening to this while writing...

It'd be cool if I could get close to the level of someone like Updike or Palahniuk when writing... would be hard to do that...

"Changes... shit's much different from the dangers..."

So yeah... don't expect amazing writing from this post... yet I will do some at some point...

Important to push comfort zone and get into that flow state... where you're being challenged...

Saturday, 4 May 2019


Good meeting Adam Pearce yesterday- some more time spent on property this weekend with the aim of getting the best deal in property soon.

Friday, 3 May 2019


I'm doing demo FX trades to learn more about it and do it with real money eventually. Actually started doing FX trades 2 years ago and so far all have them have been in profit. Will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Spending more time on property today- my rich business partner is eager to buy either a property to renovate or land to buy. I'm looking at all ways of making money in property. Contact me if you have something very good!

Spending more time on property today- my rich business partner is eager to buy either a property to renovate or land to buy. I'm looking at all ways of making money in property. Contact me if you have something very good!

Monday, 29 April 2019


Spending more time on property today- my rich business partner is eager to buy either a property to renovate or land to buy. I'm looking at all ways of making money in property. Contact me if you have something very good!

Thursday, 25 April 2019


"Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy..."

Some gold from Buffet there...

And it's something I need to do more with shares...

When shares are soaring up and there is POSITIVE SENTIMENT... that may be the time to sell shares...

When shares are falling with NEGATIVE SENTIMENT that may be the time to buy...

I'm quite good at the latter... need to work on the former. Look at highs for shares and sell around there... can always buy back if they go cheaper.

Monday, 22 April 2019


Placebo really do have some of the best lyrics... I can't wait to smash out some powerful writing myself...

IG don't worry I haven't forgotten about you... you're still on my... HIT LIST :)

"Reminds me that it's killing time... on this fateful day."

Saturday, 20 April 2019


One thing I've said to my boss/partner recently is... fuck online...

Because I've spent so much time online doing things- but REAL LIFE is real...

So I'm taking all the opportunities to go and view properties and meet people... and I'm learning from that despite being not that 'prepared'...

Because property really is a people business- I may even do an article on that. I need to get deeper relationships with builders, lawyers etc... and the only way to do that really is meet them in person if they are quality...

I like this comment so far so it's going on my website

People who know me know how TIGHT I am with money... and there's part of me that's a bit... you could say UNSURE about even potentially paying for a HOTEL FOR ONE NIGHT... (it will be first time I have actually paid for a hotel myself if it works out being that for years... had plenty of nice ones paid for me by doing sales though)... but I think the PAYOFF is worth it...

I've even started to think about the review I will write after the event lol... I will make sure it's accurate etc...

Because anyone who's saying it's BAD should have been on it before etc not just heard about it... there are plenty of people who've been who've said it's GOOD...

Anyway... back to goal day.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Only take the qualifications you want

Blasting this out as a Facebook exclusive... for now...

Only take the qualifications you want...

This has been buzzing around my mind for a while so feel like getting it out...

Only take the qualifications you want...

Since my driving test I don't think I have taken any 'official government' qualifications... I took plenty before though...

If I think back to my time at uni... in terms of an actual education a lot of the time the teachers weren't very motivated or efficient about teaching. Not enough feedback, not enough care...

Whenever you want to learn something you have to ask... what's in it for me?

In a good job you will learn more than in typical education because the business will want you to learn. I've worked in plenty of businesses which have worked 7 days a week. I've worked 14 days in a row before.

My mentality has been for a number of years that every day is goal day. And sure I 'pace myself'... because a lot of studies show that if you work more than 40 hours a week you become less efficient...

Yet in summary- find the best teachers for the learning YOU want.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

"If you can read you don't have to wonder about me."

Just thought up one of my 'late night lines'... this one is good enough for me to write it out here...

"If you can read you don't have to wonder about me."

Ha... that does sound arrogant... and you can change the ending a bit depending on the context... but for anyone in the world if they want to actually 'get to know me'... just read my blog... if you really want to get to know me read my novel...

109,000 views on now... more to come... pushing my boundaries and want to do more property soon... ideally in the future want to do some videos yet I think I will always come back to writing to say what's on my mind more clearly.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Long Term

Long term thinking...

So I didn't go out last night... haven't been for the last few Saturdays...

I thought about it a bit... but I guess preserving my energy levels, saving money and petrol and getting my sleep pattern better outweighed going out...

It wouldn't have been a BAD decision either way... and I will be 'going out' more in future...

But with property I know I have a lot of things to do and learn so I need to be focused on it. Time to start getting results...

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Shares and Property

Reposting this article I did over a year ago now as some will not have seen it... relates to both property and shares. Many people make contact with me for share advice.

I am further along on my property journey now yet will still say property is quite a lot more complex than shares. Plus you have to work with a number of other people where you could just do shares by yourself...

Let's get right into this...

Another FREE quality article.

What does your capital allocation say about how you feel about shares?

Most people in the UK and worldwide know nothing or very little about shares directly. Of their own volition they probably have put no money in shares.

I reckon less than 10% of people in the UK have actively decided to put money into shares. It will be higher who have money in shares via a 'pension pot' though.

So... of those people... how many short shares? I reckon less than 1% of people in the UK short shares.

All that matters in shares is how much money you make. For many years I have just been 'long term buy and hold' and that generally is a fine way to do it. It beats cash in the bank...


Obviously shares do not go up in a straight line. Over the last 2 weeks the FTSE 100 has fallen about 10%. In general with shares when there is a fall there is a steep fall...

So how much you have allocated in shares should reflect how confident you feel in your shares... and the economic situation as a whole.

Ben Graham's rule of thumb is interesting. He says that if you're 75% in shares you should be very positive about the market... if you're 25% in shares you're very negative about the market.

The thing is, even for say a year, it might not be a bad thing to have a high percentage of your wealth in cash. If you have 80% of your wealth in cash and quality shares drop say 30% then may be the time to pounce...

This has been on my mind quite a lot... let's see if I can get the right words out...

I think in general it would be BAD to have the vast majority of your wealth in cash for most or all of your life. Especially with interest rates as they currently are- in the UK you're lucky to get 1% in a savings account now and millions of people get nothing. How much you have in cash does depend to an extent how much interest rates are. If they were 10% then it might make sense to have at least 30% in cash, maybe more.

It will be a long time if ever if we see 10% in the UK though.

At the same time... ideally I don't think it's ALWAYS good to have a high percentage of your wealth, say over 75%, in shares. Because there are always sharp drops from time to time and then you can lose a lot of money. Warren Buffet has a ton of cash piled away right now to pounce on good shares. Who knows, maybe he is even buying right now, it could well be a good time to do so.

The amount of cash you have in shares depends on many things... and how much time you can dedicate to it. I dedicate quite a lot but I am not like Chris Bailey who regularly sleeps 3 or 4 hours a day then spends the vast majority of the rest of his time on shares. There are people who are better analysts of shares than I am in some ways. I still spend quite a lot of time on shares though and believe after almost twenty years in the game my instincts are good. There is always more to learn. As long as I have enough money I will be doing shares for the rest of my life.

Of course Ben Graham is dead now. In the 70s there were much better interest rates than there are now and in general it was harder for smaller or private investors to invest in shares.

In the current climate it can be tempting for people in the UK to have a high percentage of their money in shares. After all there are millions of people getting no money in interest from their bank.

Also you can obviously money allocated to things other than 'cash and shares'. Off the top of my head there is cryptocurrency, gold, oil, property...

Most people at some point will have quite a lot of their money tied up in property because they need a house to live in. Property is a solid investment which over the long term consistently rises. I would like to invest in property more, although it is a different skillset and more challenging in some ways than investing in shares.

But how much should you have in shares as a percentage?

It depends how positive or good value you think shares are. However there are other ways to make money with shares. You can short them. I have just started doing and learning about this. Shorting a share or index is an expression of a negative attitude towards the markets.

In general you can say having money in shares is positive towards the market, cash is neutral and shorting is negative.

So your capital allocation should reflect your view on this. At some times it may be fine to have a decent amount of 'negative' attitude towards the market. Or stay 'neutral' with say 20% of your cash or more so you can pounce on good opportunities.

This article is one I just keep coming back to...

The key thing to remember about high yield shares is that plenty of opportunities will usually be there. OK so it can be a bit annoying perhaps thinking of having a lot of cash stuck making practically no interest.... and that interest being paid once a year. However shares with good yields can get even better. Look at Imperial Brands as a recent example.

Dividend cover is key... because remember a company can cut a dividend to nothing at an instant. Then you have a big capital loss AND no dividend. Look at Capita as an example. Even a good history of dividend payments can't stop a cut. I can see why some people want dividend cover to be two times cash available. I think I will look for at least 1.7 myself. You can look at 'free cash flow' and possible extra capex.

Imperial Brands btw... I bought more shares and think the share is really cheap at this price. A PE of 10.75 can EASILY go to 15 for a tobacco company and British Amercian Tobacco has traded at around a 20 PE. Imperial are saying they are going to increase the dividend by 10% per year too.

In fact I would rather have good dividend cover and a history of nice increasing yield than a very high dividend yield. It's down to 'free cash flow'... I probably should research this more in companies.

But they key point is... wait until you see a GREAT opportunity for either shares or spreads. Good opportunities will be there most days... great opportunities? If you know shares and spend a lot of time looking at the market hopefully you will see two a month, maybe more. Especially if you know a lot about shorting shares which I have plenty to learn about.

Real life examples...

I instinctively felt in 2016 that we would vote for Brexit yet I was stuck in my 'long term buy and hold' mindset. What I should have done before Brexit is selling practically everything then buy back shortly after Brexit when there were many great value shares.

People like Warren Buffet and Chris Bailey often have a sizeable amount of cash to pounce on good opportunities. Chris had quite a lot of cash available so has been able to take advantage of the recent downturn. I have less cash overall as a percentage but still may take advantage of it.

Samuel Leeds

Booked the Samuel Leeds Crash Course for 21-22 June! Rare that I do courses like this yet I think one could be really good. My business partner will be attending too. Let me know if you're good and going so we can network.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Property Chat

Ben Beitler Mark Howitt thanks for expanding on this.
Risk appetite will certainly drive the ROI you seek.
You could consider being a lender with the cash you have and on a B2B arrangement can be a private 'bridging' lender with similar rates circa 8% to 12% pa.
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· Reply · 7h
Mark Howitt
Mark Howitt Yes thanks have looked at this and may do it as long as I can learn from the person as well. Already have a potential offer of 13% which I will probably do.
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Mark Howitt
Mark Howitt Because some people get this and some people don't... the value I can add in share advice and other things is at least the same as someone who is good at property can bring...
I don't want to be arrogant and it may seem like that but factually I have been share investing for over 20 years have 180,000 views on my share articles worldwide... and my share mentor is certainly in the top 0.1% of share investors in the world in terms of analytical ability.
Been good networking so far and hoping for more... deeper relationships and quality over quantity though.

Viewing is actually for next week... goal today is to book another viewing.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Will do at least a quick article on my house viewing today. WF1 postcode for weekday viewings at the moment... contact me if you have interesting ones!

Will do at least a quick article on my house viewing today. WF1 postcode for weekday viewings at the moment... contact me if you have interesting ones!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Got a potential viewing of a house this week- good practical learning!

Got a potential viewing of a house this week- good practical learning!


More time will be spent on property today- I need to take more ACTION :) Happy to hear about joint ventures and opportunities in West and South Yorkshire mainly...

I have done one buy to let, have shares in property companies and have been researching this area for four years so I'm only going to go for a very good deal. I know the returns good people make. Yet I believe I can bring a lot of mutual value in other areas too- if people see this then there's a much better chance we can do a deal.

I can buy several properties outright if needed yet know people who are richer than me who can invest too. So I'm ready to hear from you if you're good!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Positive Day For Shares Today :) £££

Positive Day For Shares Today :) £££

More time to be spent on property today including looking at Liz Baitson 's deals... happy to network and hear from other good property people!

More time to be spent on property today including looking at Liz Baitson 's deals... happy to network and hear from other good property people!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

More practical time will be spent on property today. Appreciate good advice :)

More practical time will be spent on property today. Appreciate good advice :)

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Liz Baitson

Have to say great to meet with Liz Baitson today... have the feeling she is very passionate about property and hope to do some deals soon. Mutual value to be exchanged!

Saturday, 23 March 2019


Another quick property blast...

Just been thinking of the 'other things' aka costs involved in buying a property including lawyers fees...

Made me think about the 'other things' I can potentially add to anyone I do a property deal with... or even talk to quite a bit...

I can certainly give share advice... been doing that for 20 years with 180,000 views on my share articles worldwide... how much is that worth...

For the right kind of person that could be worth TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds...

Also one other area I could help in on a smaller scale... and I have put together a great offer for those people I like in this area... if anyone offered me a similar deal in property... well I'd be biting their hand off and already own many properties already!!

Makes me think though... how many people see the value in these things... I can tell if they do or they don't... doesn't kill me either way if they do these things...

But those who DO get it... please calculate this into your evaluations when offering me property deals :) Still want to do some soon.


Getting a lot of offers of properties from these groups which is good!

I read them all- the ones I give most time to are ones in West and South Yorkshire though. After years of research I am ready to pull the trigger... the really good ones I will get experts to look at too AFTER I've put plenty of time into researching them.

Oh and property with tenants or even HMOs already occupied... YES... these are good...

Obviously though I would go and see the property and interview the tenants- I wouldn't take any 'problem' tenants.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Greene King plc and Barratt Developments

I talk to a lot of people about shares... even had a company tweet me about it recently... so let's look at a previous article and expand..

Why I think Greene King plc and Barratt Developments Plc could offer share price growth potential

I’m feeling optimistic about the prospects for Greene King plc (LON:GNK) (GNK.L) and Barratt Developments Plc (LON:BDEV) (BDEV.L)
September 11, 2017

At the time of writing, Greene King plc (LON:GNK) (GNK.L) is trading at 557p after a 15.71% fall on Friday. Could this pub giant give my wealth an uplift?

Instinctively, I feel that the market may have over reacted to Greene King’s trading statement. Like for like sales were down 1.2% compared to a sector decrease of 0.7%. The company also blamed the weather for sales. In addition, I think there could be some problems with UK discretionary consumer spend which may hurt the company’s overall performance in the near term.

Fundamentally, the share looks attractive to me now. The dividend yield is 5.98% and the good news is it is relatively well covered. Cover was 2.13 for 2017 and 2.18 for 2016. There has also been consistent dividend growth over the years, with a rise of over 3.5% for 2017 and 7.73% for 2016.

So, the shares could well be worth adding to my portfolio after their recent fall. After all, the drop has pushed Greene King to levels last seen in around 2012. Even three months ago the shares were trading around 750p. The year high is 805p. I think that while its performance may have disappointed many investors, it could be a solid long term buy and hold option for me.

Another share with UK consumer interest in Barratt Developments Plc (LON:BDEV) (BDEV.L). This company delivered strong results recently with a 39% increase in the ordinary dividend and a bumper bonus special dividend of 17.3p per share.

I continue to hold a decent amount of this company in my portfolio. At the time of writing the shares are trading at 601p after a 1.4% fall on Friday. The visible dividend yield is now 4.07% but much more when the special dividend is taken into account. The PE is 11.04. A strong ‘hold’ in my view, and one for my watchlist.

So Greene King has been doing very well overall- I'm a real talk share writer unlike most others out there... I'm up over 40% so far plus dividends...

BDEV I sold at 606p... but it's on my watchlist to buy again at the right price.


Blasting this out at 2:30... AM...

So yeah I haven't been writing down daily goals... because sometimes writing can be a form of procrastination...

But I have been DOING them...

Called about 13 estate agents... all quite friendly and all actually women... they should make themselves a bit easier to find on LinkedIn though... having done a lot of sales jobs I know that good sales people are at least proactive... VERY good ones are VERY proactive...

Have the opportunity to view 2 potential projects today with my rich colleague... might go for the learning experience but being directly honest I want a stake in them to be really interested as I have many ways of making money ONLINE...

I have plenty of money and plenty of money coming in though... hundreds of pounds in dividends and other things...

So yeah... just selecting some easy doable things to do each day and doing them!


Have had lots of likes and views on this so here's more content...

My share mentor Chris Bailey is fond of telling me what to do... and currently he is telling me I have TOO MUCH CASH...

Ha well you can never have enough cash... but atm my percentage of cash is too high.

Fact is though I am ready to POUNCE on the right opportunity... in shares it's as easy as clicking a button with property it's more complex... but if I see a GREAT deal I will do it...

From all the research and people I've chatted to I know there are many deals where basically people put no money in (apart from perhaps lawyer fees)... but the thing about me is I could easy buy a house outright in cash if needed...

Would prefer to get finance though... as a shareholder in banks I know they can basically get money for free...

Anyway from viewing two plots of land yesterday and thinking about things there are actually a lot of different groups of people I need to get to know more... probably should spend more time networking with builders and finance people... also lawyers in time.

THANKS for all the likes... let's win together!

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Room Rent

Considering renting a spare room out in my property on a nightly basis. Pictures to follow, rate would be around £30 a night for the right people. Please contact me if interested.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Why I Want to Make Money in Property

Blasting this out early morning before work...

Quick article about WHY I want to make money in property...

First thing really is... to make money. Property is a good solid investment which will always go up over time provided you buy it at the right price. Plus you can add value to it by improving it. It's quite easy to get finance for a property even though I could buy several outright if I wanted to.

Then hitting my second goal- it's possible to meet high quality people through property and I've already met quite a few. A power team is needed and I need to get good relationships with cleaners, builders, lawyers and other property investors. Already doing quite well with this yet but obviously when I'm working on actual projects the relationships will be deeper.

And at some point it may give me the independence that I may never need another regular job again. That already may happen with shares- but with long term buy and hold share investing I don't need to spend much time on it anyway.

So yeah... daily goals from now on and I hope to connect with you if we can mutually benefit.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Daily goals from now on.

Daily goals from now on.

Tim Matcham

Good call with Tim Matcham today. Going to set myself daily goals and happy to connect with more people doing SA in Yorkshire. Good point that Tim made was to actually buy the property for capital appreciation- I may do that as long with doing some rent to rent.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Walk done- make time for walking whenever I can.

Walk done- make time for walking whenever I can.

Pay Your Mentors Back

Quick early morning article...

I think the best way to pay your mentors back is by doing your goals. Actually written about this before 10 years ago... but I know not all of you will have read that...

There are only two people I know who I would call mentors... and they're like in the top 0.1% of ability in what they do. And it's like I say thank you etc... but the real payback I think is if they see what I achieve. And I have to achieve much more.

Other quick tip- I always tell my mentors pretty much everything about what I'm doing that for that area. But it's pretty important to do what they say... not think about it too much.

Walking one mile today.

Walking one mile today.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

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Friday, 15 March 2019

Share update... up £800 yesterday and £800 today.

Share update... up £800 yesterday and £800 today.


Very true. I'm currently at the stage (after 4 YEARS of basically free research and doing one buy to let) of considering investing with someone for a lower rate of return than I could get from my money elsewhere (easier and safer too) IF that person really wants to help me learn- practical real world help. Probably that person knows that TEACHING something is the way that you really know you know it yourself.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


From Saturday I am going full on on property. Already spent quite a bit of time on it today- while doing many other things. Yet from Saturday the area where I have been spending a lot of time on for a year (making good money)... I will be doing it less even though I can still make good money from it. Time to cash in on property I have plenty to invest!

Crapita Preview

Mark Howitt

4m4 minutes ago
Replying to @Financial_Orbit
I will write about Capita one day... probably will be quite hard hitting :) Quick preview... anyone who's good leaves there!

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Chris Bailey

52m52 minutes ago
Replying to @MarkHowitt
Looking forward to your analytical piece contrasting classic turnaround investment analysis with the importance of simultaneous cultural change

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Mark Howitt

1h1 hour ago
Replying to @Financial_Orbit
I know Capita (crapita) still treat their employees like dirt though.


Early morning article...

Going to spend some time networking today... trying to build a property power team...

One quick thing that's on my mind though... if you have enough money you are more 'free' because you don't have to supplicate to people for money. It's like... I've just called one of my former employers Capita 'crapita' on twitter... (because they do treat their workers mainly like shit)... and it doesn't matter! I will never work there again and don't need a 'reference'.

Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to be insecure in yourself and validate yourself by buying 'brand names'.

I have never 'sold out'... and I guess that's why I have some popularity I guess. People can either like me or not... I don't chase people anymore. That attitude allows me to connect only with powerful people.

Anyway... more share time today too... time to get some more money for fun so I can do other things and travel to other places.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Hello, baby (Skrt)
Don't be so paro, baby
Don't be so shallow baby (Shallow, baby)
Together we'll barrow, baby (Yeah)
You'll get the straight arrow, baby (Yeah)
I'm on the straight narrow, baby
I wing and go sparrow crazy
Like Donald Duck, I know Daisy


Been hustling a lot past few days... shares doing well today with BP soaring...

Yet after this Friday I will have a lot more free time to do other things. I have more money to invest in shares and property now... been spending more time on property today. With the right support I believe I will make a decent amount of money in property and certainly want to...

Over time I will have to develop and enhance current relationships with lawyers, builders, other investors... and develop new ones with cleaners. All a learning process so feel free to connect.

Sunday, 10 March 2019



22h22 hours ago
Through music the passions enjoy themselves. #Nietzsche

Saturday, 9 March 2019



i don't fucking write for people to interact

Mark Howitt
i do it because i like it" I do love my direct convos lols ;)

Do What You Want In Life...

Just had long phone call and been thinking about things today...

You've got to do what you want in life or there is no point. Remember everyone's doing what they think is best for themselves so NEVER feel bad about doing what you want- I don't. In fact I am too much of a nice guy sometimes...

But I do like writing so I'm going to do more of it. That's why I'm doing it now just off the top of my head... writing and seeing if good stuff comes out. Most of the time it does.

But anyway... I do have to figure out how to spend all of my money before death. I did a couple of things today that were stupid regarding money... but I cheered myself up by saying I have never done anything as stupid before with money in my life and I never will again. A lot of people do stupid things with money all the time... like paying rent really. My sister is a doctor and has.

Anyway I have also done some other things today which means... more time on shares and potentially property.

I want a good return and to learn from property... hopefully meeting Liz Baitson soon who will help...

But yeah... I actually need to spend a bit more time on shares too...

But then there's OTHER things that I will be spending more time on too... because you've got to enjoy what you do...

Tuesday, 5 March 2019


Anyone can say anything. It's free to talk. It's free to lie...

But not everyone will pay you money. Or invest money in you. Those that do value you and take you seriously.

Don't Be 'Conditioned'

When I was at uni I walked out of a lecture.

There were about 300 people listening to the lecture. It was actually better than most of the lectures this uni guy had given- I had laughed at some of the jokes in it. But I checked my watch. This lecture had gone over the time limit and I needed to stick to my writing schedule. So I walked out.

The lecturer actually stopped talking all the time I was walking out. I didn't care, I just walked out with everyone watching.

Merrick Burrow never really liked me after that. I got some very bad marks for that English module.

Yet you have to go for your goals no matter what the 'social conditioning' situation is. If I could go back in time I wouldn't have gone to uni at age 18- I would have done some kind of sales job probably. Search for my 'Should You Go to University' article for more on this... for many people going to uni means less money for them (loss of earnings) and actually conditions them to be lazy.

It's not what your uni wants. It's not what your school wants. It's not what your parents want.

It's what you want.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Property Update

Quick property update... here's what I wrote before...

I am open to investing in property for the right return and learning experience. I have been researching property and have done one buy to let since 2015 so I know what the potential real returns are. I believe at some point I will be good at sourcing and negotiating property deals potentially by myself yet want to learn more first.

Any investment I make will be done on the principles of ADDING VALUE to the investment and also LEARNING from who I invest with. Please make contact if you believe you have a suitable investment.

As of now I have more money, knowledge and contacts. Looking to do something practical in property soon... been learning this 2014 yet time has come for action. I know all the theory and 'numbers' people can make so obviously I'm looking for a good deal yet have to get started soon!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Make Sure You've Got Your Own Act Together

Early morning post after an interesting night out in Hudds...


Pretty decent goal day yesterday... but there were a couple of things I could have done which I didn't do...

I need to ensure I have done everything I want to do for myself before even chatting to other people. And the only people I should be chatting to are HIGH VALUE people... which I pretty much did all yesterday. At least I have been goal focused for the last 10 hours...

Because let's be real- those close to me know what my goals are. So I write my Annabel article... pretty good, gets the views etc...

Of course Annabel isn't going to respond. She's just going to keep taking her BBC money and keep on being an actress. Her or her agent etc will have probably 'taken note'...


I am going to keep on being a writer. At my age I should be around my peak so I have to deliver on that. I could be more famous but I never am a writer just to get famous.

People can peak at different age for different things. A woman's 'sexual market value' will probably have peaked by the age of 30... that's just in terms of looks. A lot of writers didn't get a book out until their 30s... I did mine at 21. But there is more to come... and I'm at the stage where I don't even NEED the money... which is a pretty good position compared to most writers.

I'm not just a writer. I am a share investor and am even in a 'share job' now. Horace Howitt, Richard Howitt and now Mark Howitt. It's in my blood and it's my duty to be the best investor the Howitt family has ever seen. My job as a share investor is to make as much money as possible and then make the best decisions with that money. I'm getting better at it. As long as I have enough money I will always be a share investor.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

"I've got the vocab girl... don't you worry your pretty little head about that..."

"I've got the vocab girl... don't you worry your pretty little head about that..."


By the way... if you're interested in me doing articles... I can do quite cheaply. It's not worth loads of my time 'applying' to lots of sites yet I have over 180,000 views on my share articles for sites such as so contact me if you're interested.

If You're Rich It's Not Worth Going To Aldi

Word up...

So views are going pretty well at the moment... going to vary the content a bit with a NEW article.

If you're rich it's not worth going to Aldi...

I still check out supermarkets just for interest. I visited a Tesco express yesterday (I've shorted Tesco before successfully)... and the store actually was very similar to Aldi... just with more brand names and worse prices...

Yet if you compare the Aldi I use most with a Morrisons... I can see why a rich person would choose to use Morrisons.

Just want to state at this point Morrisons did employ a lying 'woman' called Violet Rowan who conned me out of money (future landlords beware) so I don't have any love for them really...

But WHY if you're rich is it not worth shopping at Aldi... if the prices were cheaper and everything was the same it would be...

But you have to factor in other things like... how long it takes to get a parking space... how long it takes to get and put back a trolley... how long you are waiting in store...

For a rich person earning say 80 pounds an hour- Aldi not worth it...

Maybe even 30 pounds an hour...

But I still believe Aldi will continue to grow because obviously few people are earning 80 pounds an hour and it's not even that many who earn 30 an hour.

Personally I will aim to 'switch it up' by going to Morrisons and other stores some times... they need to better their prices though.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Early morning article...

Blasting it out...

So let's do it on something a bit different. I talk to quite a lot of quality people online... and recently quite a few of them have been... SLOW AT CHATTING BACK.


Key approach to this is firstly look at myself- have I done anything wrong? Nope not to any of them...

So then key thing is just to... DO OTHER THINGS INSTEAD. Do my goals, create value etc...

Personally with good people I will always make the effort to quickly talk to them EVERY DAY for a quick amount of time... certainly once every two days...

But I understand that quality people have OTHER THINGS to do. AND key thing... being NEEDY to anyone (especially to women) will probably 'turn them off'. I am quite blatant when I want to chat to someone personally- you only live once and it's cool to chat to decent people.

Yet I have to take a look at myself sometimes...

I can actually say that there's only one person I'm currently 'connected' to online who has done something bad to me that I will have to deal with at some point. I'm balancing out the negative energy and time that will take with being honest that not everyone is how they seem online...

Hmms... yeah so I have to be ready to delete people if needed but rest assured... only one person I am currently connected to I am thinking of deleting etc...

So just to round it off... I think it's socially intelligent and just polite to spend a few seconds every couple of days to reply to people... but as long as there's a valid reason (a really good valid reason would be working on your goals which could benefit that person later) that's fine :).

Monday, 25 February 2019


I think there actually might be more views as google hasn't tracked them yet... still cool that I am over 1000 views from all the top countries on

United Kingdom

United States








South Korea



As a writer I think a cool thing to do is just to type out the lyrics of a song or a writer you like... you feel the energy that way...

Friday, 22 February 2019

Believe in Yourself

It's not like I want to kick Annabel's ass off the top of my blog but...

Ha... let's blast something else out...

I'm lucky now that I talk with top performers in a lot of areas...

It's like when I was about 13 I would never even talk to a Chess Grandmaster... I thought they were like a higher power...

I could have done.

Yesterday I actually managed to beat someone who had an International Master rating in chess... with no 'study'. That was fucking surreal too.

Anyway I like having direct conversations... like to get something real...

Most people are nice and positive. But when I talk to the real elite... sometimes they are like... yeah you can't get to that level. In some aspects maybe they're right who knows... but the potential for most humans to do things is pretty incredible. They just don't believe they can do it...

And I'm saying that as well based on doing many things... in chess for sure I have seen plenty of people more talented than me... 2008 was the time I last played a competitive over the board game and I knew back then I would never reach IM level...

But if someone was to question how far I can make it as a writer in term of impact... I mean it's like I don't think it would have any effect on me. People tell me that I'll always be a writer and I probably will be.

Because when I'm actually blasting it out I don't give a fuck about the money. It's kind of like... I tune into the energy of all the writers I have read before and just blast out realness.

Because BY FAR the most important thing about how well you will do is how much you believe in yourself. Don't be naive... but push yourself and be objective. Most elite people will actually be cool and not say negative things to you anyway...

But personally I like a bit of provocation from people. Chris Bailey was like... oooooooh ooooh oooohh... you haven't written fiction for a while... then I just blast out the Annabel article because I feel like it.... boom.

Anyway yeah will keep pushing myself in shares and property.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Is Annabel Scholey Too ENTITLED and Does She Really Represent Yorkshire?


I don't know man... it's not like I have a writing mentor...

Chat to Bernard Cornwell a bit but... I don't have anyone telling me what to write or how to write it. I was a better writer than my uni teachers... my real teachers are books I guess...

But like... been thinking about this article for a while... thinking... hmm... would this article be coming from a NEGATIVE PLACE? Would it sound bitter?

But then I looked at all the evidence and thought... fuck it.

When I'm lazy and watching TV sometimes I hear Annabel Scholey's voice. Who even fucking knows, maybe she does 'targeted' Yorkshire ads...

She's not a bad person but...

I think she's probably changed a bit.

If this was just private company ads I would let this go. If this was just like Harry Potter... fuck it.

But if you're getting funded by a BBC stealth tax... if you're basically saying anti democratic views about Brexit... too much.

So yeah... written about her before. Take a bit of effort and search the site for them. I used to know her...

I never heard Annabel talk about politics at Greenhead College. She was probably too busy trying to be an actress and... other things...

I always was into politics though... still am and have a lot more I could write about it... maybe I will someday.

Just what would happen if immigration was allowed to continue into the UK in an uncontrolled fashion? Is the BBC group think really best for Britain when recently many young girls were killed by the religion of peace?

I'm using that term... loosely.

Because people in Yorkshire should not be all about consumerism and BBC groupthink. We're better than that. Women actually do have it VERY GOOD in Yorkshire... better than in a lot of countries. I'm pretty sure Annabel earns more than I do, might not have as much money saved though...

Yeah anyway just felt like blasting this out. May add more later.

I'm adding now.

I think when I look back in years... when I'm maybe a bit more famous (probably not as famous as Annabel though... let's face it) this might be one of the most viewed articles on my website... it's already done pretty well...

Annabel it's not like I'm trying to mess your image up. Not to like intrude into your 'personal affairs' but I can give you a bit more info so you're more informed...

People talk about grooming gangs in Huddersfield like they just happened. But they've been happening for quite while, more or less from the time we were in Greenhead College... this was happening.

What did the BBC do?

They basically tried to put Nick Griffin in jail for talking about it.

So yeah... lot more I could say about that but hey, you can read right? Read up on that.


And like... been rereading some of my writing lately...

It's nice to get nice comments. Some people don't think that I'll really make it though...

I mean just relax guys... relax...

I've got the ability to do it. If anyone paid me twenty pounds an hour to write now I could just blast out some of my best writing ever.

But I can get more than 20 quid an hour doing other stuff...

When I truly have enough money maybe then I'll be like... FUCK YOU money for a bit then blast it out...

Because I can deliver better writing than anything I ever have before...


Had quite a few nice comments about my writing lately... cool...

Next big article on will be on how shit IG are. I still have an account with them yet they have restricted me after stealing my money.

They tried to send me a 'final response' but the FCA investigated them a lot after that so didn't get their wish...

I talk with a few people about being a writer... and I don't actually totally like writing negative things. Part of me does I guess... but ideally the world would be nice. But it isn't always...

I have to expose IG for the thieves that they are... and I think part of being a writer and a share writer is saying original things without the thought about whether you are 'hurting people's feelings'...

So as a prelude- never ever use IG. They will find many ways to con you and steal your money. Stay tuned for the full article.

Good to see @AskLloydsBank up today and am up 7.35% on @Plus500 so far. @SagaUK also up nicely... share instincts good :)

Good to see @AskLloydsBank up today and am up 7.35% on @Plus500 so far. @SagaUK also up nicely... share instincts good :)

Bought Plus 500

Bought Plus 500.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

106,000 people can't be wrong ;) Expect more content soon...

106,000 people can't be wrong ;) Expect more content soon...

The collapse of the Labour party will be good for UK shares.

The collapse of the Labour party will be good for UK shares.


Mark Howitt Retweeted

Mark Howitt

10h10 hours ago
Replying to @GaryNTrader
Spent a lot of time looking at Plus 500 today... personally think it's been a bit oversold. May research more and buy at right price... is risky though.

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Mark Howitt Retweeted

Mark Howitt

10h10 hours ago
Replying to @GaryNTrader
I actually read a SP article recently on SP due to @Financial_Orbit instructing me to. Looked at quite a few charts... want to learn more but think it's bit oversold.

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Mark Howitt Retweeted

Mark Howitt

10h10 hours ago
Replying to @GaryNTrader @Financial_Orbit
Mhm... it's gone below year lows many times today... but the company will still keep buying back its shares and it goes ex div soon. Will look more tomorrow.

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Gary Newman

10h10 hours ago
Replying to @MarkHowitt @Financial_Orbit
It has seen a big pullback - personally I’d wait until sentiment towards it improves, if I was looking to trade it long. Always better to miss the first part of a rise than to try and guess where the bottom is, I believe

Monday, 18 February 2019

Work Ethic

Wanted to go to sleep... didn't really sleep so going to do more things then sleep. Think I really have the hard working mentality which is needed to win now...

Sunday, 17 February 2019


Spending more time on property recently... one option I am seriously looking at is purchasing a property with a good tenant already living there. I have the money to buy the property outright. Please contact me if you know something suitable.

Important to balance making money and having fun... getting the balance better. Every day is goal day :)

Important to balance making money and having fun... getting the balance better. Every day is goal day :)

Saturday, 9 February 2019


I want to write some things where I can get some good phrases in...

I have some in my head yet they would be better in the context of a novel...

Been a stressful last few hours... think I've been working a bit too hard...

But what you've got to do is just... accept the worst that could happen from the situation... then work on how to make it better... I did that and it's ok now...

Just have to say though in this world... you have to be focused and ruthless sometimes...

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Early Morning Article


It's early in the morning... and I'm reading quite a cool blog... about how it's good to write...

So I decided to write an article... because writing is fun!

Well... is if you can talk about something cool in an interesting style... which is what I'm going to do here...

Shares are on my mind so let's start with shares...

Even about 2 weeks ago I was quite depressed about shares...

Fast forward to now they are up quite a lot and I feel much better...

I am also worth......

quite a lot more money...


Because I bought some more shares at almost the perfect time...

And other shares that I already owned went up a lot...

That's it. No 'manual labour'.

In the past two weeks... my net worth has gone up by more than it often has in many years in my life...

And that's the whole point about getting money... it doesn't have to be hard to get it when you know how...

If you DON'T know how then it's hard. Like if you're trying to do it playing chess... or writing a novel.

But if you've ALREADY GOT money... then you can make more money quite easily with the right investments etc...


SO yeah... I would say find a good way of making money... then keep doing it. Then you have more time to do other things you like which are not to do with money... that's what I want to do...

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Today will be one of the best days EVER for shares.... @BP_plc powering up... along with BATS and IMB. My shares will go higher still...

Today will be one of the best days EVER for shares.... @BP_plc powering up... along with BATS and IMB. My shares will go higher still...

Friday, 1 February 2019


Mark Howitt

3m3 minutes ago
Thanks to @wheeliedealer for this comment Well done on RDSB - you timed that lovely. Hope others benefited from my tip too.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Share Success

So my shares have been killing it for the last few days...

I don't doubt my ability anymore.

And I have to say the elite winners I know about shares were fine with me even when my shares weren't doing so well. Thank you!

I think overall for the past 12 months I have worked harder than ever before. So it's important to relax sometimes- makes you better overall. Nobody can work all the time- I can't anyway! I don't even want to.

Because you have to work SMART as well as HARD. It's taken a few hours sleep for me to even write this... I wanted to write something earlier today...

Life is doing about what you want as much as possible.

So it's important for me to keep my shares doing well... and still enjoy getting money in other ways.

The world is full of opportunities and I'm ready to take them... I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Bought more @Shell and it's gone up :) ££££

Bought more @Shell and it's gone up :) ££££

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Bought Shell, Bargain at this Price

Bought Shell, Bargain at this Price.

Do You Think George Orwell Spent Ages on a Sunbed?

So this is more a writer's article...

I slept with a girl who was trying to be a writer once. She tried her best but just lacked that assertiveness you need to make it as a writer in today's world...

Anyway after we slept together she was alright with me and everything... but suggested I get a tan...

I told her I wasn't going to spend time getting a tan.

You can argue I haven't 'made it' as a writer... I'm not getting paid for writing this... yet I think I'm a good writer... overall on writing ability in the top one or two percent anyway...

And I think true writers... when they need to it's just bread and art. They are not out there getting drunk. They are not out there trying to pick up Prada.

Hell sometimes they don't even brush their teeth.

I think it's good to be detached from consumerism so you can write more purely.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Make Britain Great Again

Another early morning article...

Britain needs to be free of the EU (hopefully with some kind of deal, yet we shouldn't overpay) so it can be great again.

Needs to be a much tougher immigration policy. Only allow in people who clearly ADD VALUE. Don't allow in and/or deport those that don't. We need to do more of what we did in the past (when we ruled one third of the world) to make Britain Great Again.

Over 105,000 views on Much more to come...

Over 105,000 views on Much more to come...

Monday, 21 January 2019


Just a quick article about this as I am contacting and being contacted by a lot of property investors these days.

I am open to investing in property for the right return and learning experience. I have been researching property and have done one buy to let since 2015 so I know what the potential real returns are. I believe at some point I will be good at sourcing and negotiating property deals potentially by myself yet want to learn more first.

Any investment I make will be done on the principles of ADDING VALUE to the investment and also LEARNING from who I invest with. Please make contact if you believe you have a suitable investment.

Sunday, 20 January 2019


Property on my mind... want to get into this more, will keep working on it! Appreciate the advice from everyone and will keep you all posted.

Sunday Post


So busy making money I didn't even go out last night. And sure I made quite a lot but still... next week it's STOP making money at a set time, have a bath etc then go out... no point being a rich corpse.

I decided to just start writing and see what comes to mind...

UK shares doing better... I made... quite a lot on Friday...

The EU does last minute deals all the time and I think that's what will happen here...

On that subject...

I do pay attention to Brexit because it impacts shares. But any general mainstream news... I try and ignore it. Most of it is so biased... I even thought back recently to how it was years ago... it was even biased then. The best way to not be effected by it is not to watch it, and I totally agree that there should be no tax payer funding of the BBC and Channel 4. If someone wants to watch something either let them pay for it or let them try and sell ads.

Walk done- HAVE to do walk every day. It's like I should spend less time reading and on 'education' because you only have one body. Good to set a time for this before 8 every day...

105,000 views now and connecting with good people... they can feel the energy.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

None Stop Hustling


Last article pretty good... decent views so far... thought I'd do another one...

None stop hustling...

Days start well for me when I wake up and I can get started on my goals right away. Momentum is very important to me and everyone I feel. I like to do stuff on the internet to make money right away...

Which is why I have been doing that at 2am on Sat morn... and can hustle on the internet ALL DAY today if I want...

Because there is no such thing as 'work' and 'play' really. Ideally you should be doing what you want as much as possible. And the good news is with the internet etc you can do some things at any time...

Just keep that balance between the internet and 'real life' fun too... sometimes I haven't kept that...

So plan today is hustle on internet hard then out in Hudds tonight :)

Friday, 18 January 2019

Don't Doubt Your Ability

This is going to be a share article... yet applies to other areas too...

2018 was a bad year for my shares. I think to an extent I doubted my ability...

But I know a lot of share investors, and a quality the successful ones have is they don't get flustered. They are detached from shares in a way...

I'm doing a share job now which means I look at shares a lot...

Yet what I know now is that I must believe in my ability and trust my instincts. Would 180,000 people worldwide have read my share articles if I didn't have some ability in shares? Of course they wouldn't.

So yeah 2019... it's about trusting my instincts. I have a lot of elite winners that I talk to about shares but sometimes I am right and they are wrong. Of course on a lot of shares we agree and it's reassuring to know other people have the shares I do. For a lot of people I talk to now they will tell me what price they buy and sell at and I do the same with them.

So here's to making money in 2019 and happy to connect with other strong share investors!

Still learning about property, happy to network and want to make more practical progress soon.

Still learning about property, happy to network and want to make more practical progress soon.

My @SagaUK shares are up 8% in a few days. Nice to see I can still do shares... hopefully getting better with practice!

My @SagaUK shares are up 8% in a few days. Nice to see I can still do shares... hopefully getting better with practice!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Bought @SagaUK. Bargain at this price.

Bought @SagaUK. Bargain at this price.

Saturday, 12 January 2019


I'm still looking to invest in property as a relative beginner myself (I have done one buy to let)... what I understand now is for my first few properties or more I will need help so networking with good people. Happy to connect with all decent people in Yorkshire.

Thursday, 10 January 2019


Article here...

2019 has got off to a very positive start with shares and other activities.

However those close to me know I have been subject to potential theft as well as other things...

I am aiming to resolve these matters without taking legal action but will have to if needed.

However the positive side to this I have much more time for other activities including property so feel free to connect with me.

Thanks to all my great connections for your ongoing support. I will keep you all updated.

Mark Howitt

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Shares performing well again £££££

Shares performing well again £££££

Monday, 7 January 2019

More time will be spent on property, happy to connect.

More time will be spent on property, happy to connect.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Feel good... energy focused... ready to CRUSH.

Feel good... energy focused... ready to CRUSH.

Strong day for shares yesterday- up over £2000. Interesting meeting Sara Poskitt.

Strong day for shares yesterday- up over £2000. Interesting meeting Sara Poskitt.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Shares off to a strong start GOAL DAY.

Shares off to a strong start GOAL DAY.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


So this is the first article of 2019...

I'm coming for everything they said I'd never have.

This year I'm using all my accumulated knowledge and experience... but I also plan to have the most focus ever. And be ruthless when needed.

I approach everyone with a neutral attitude. I'm never ruthless for no reason. But if people are going to try and STOP me reaching my goals... not a good idea for them. In fact it's already not a good idea for people who have even tried to stop me in the past...

I still have my goals to do every day but I think it's important that people understand it's not a good idea to stop me doing my goals.

So... I don't care about people who don't care about me...

But at the same time... I'm aware that sounds quite... aggressive... but at the same time I am connecting with some GREAT people and providing mutual value. I think they feel the energy that I am coming to win and want them to win too. Because you live one life, this ain't no game. There ain't no heaven with the fluffy angels.

There are some things I can be doing practically ALL THE TIME online to reach my goals and I've been spending a lot of time doing them. However I still want POWERFUL 'real life' experiences and to do property I'm going to have to have more 'real life' experience. Will probably be meeting some good people soon about that, will keep you posted, will give them some free publicity.

So yeah... blasting this out at two in the morning. Also I need to allocate a minimum of 15 min to exercise, obviously do more on that some days. That is probably the most essential thing I must do every day- I don't need to think or study to do it, just do it.