Friday, 12 April 2019

Property Chat

Ben Beitler Mark Howitt thanks for expanding on this.
Risk appetite will certainly drive the ROI you seek.
You could consider being a lender with the cash you have and on a B2B arrangement can be a private 'bridging' lender with similar rates circa 8% to 12% pa.
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Mark Howitt
Mark Howitt Yes thanks have looked at this and may do it as long as I can learn from the person as well. Already have a potential offer of 13% which I will probably do.
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Mark Howitt
Mark Howitt Because some people get this and some people don't... the value I can add in share advice and other things is at least the same as someone who is good at property can bring...
I don't want to be arrogant and it may seem like that but factually I have been share investing for over 20 years have 180,000 views on my share articles worldwide... and my share mentor is certainly in the top 0.1% of share investors in the world in terms of analytical ability.
Been good networking so far and hoping for more... deeper relationships and quality over quantity though.

Viewing is actually for next week... goal today is to book another viewing.

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