Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Why I Want to Make Money in Property

Blasting this out early morning before work...

Quick article about WHY I want to make money in property...

First thing really is... to make money. Property is a good solid investment which will always go up over time provided you buy it at the right price. Plus you can add value to it by improving it. It's quite easy to get finance for a property even though I could buy several outright if I wanted to.

Then hitting my second goal- it's possible to meet high quality people through property and I've already met quite a few. A power team is needed and I need to get good relationships with cleaners, builders, lawyers and other property investors. Already doing quite well with this yet but obviously when I'm working on actual projects the relationships will be deeper.

And at some point it may give me the independence that I may never need another regular job again. That already may happen with shares- but with long term buy and hold share investing I don't need to spend much time on it anyway.

So yeah... daily goals from now on and I hope to connect with you if we can mutually benefit.

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