Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't Overestimate

Quick post here... don't overestimate how hard things can be, or how absurd the world can be. Just in your everyday life you will see plenty of instances which are just stupid- but they happen every day. Just because someone is paid a high wage or has good 'education' doesn't mean they can't do daft things. And you have to be ready for these instances to win...


  1. Both I and my older brother concur that it is amazing our civilization works at all considering the widespread popularity of being incompetent. People even vote for this class of humans to take care of their highest posts in government! I am a bit sarcastic of course, but I do believe many actively chose to be ignorant. Denial is a defense mechanism many cant bypass with intelligent thought!

  2. Very true. Most people don't have goals- let alone clear cut written goals. I didn't really start being focused and productive until I started writing my goals on the internet, that way there's no hiding place.