Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014: Taking Action

Alright, so we're blasting off 2014 with a taking action post. The full goal review and goal setting WILL be posted here... but the authentic uncut one is too extreme for this blog, so will only be sent to close friends. Hopefully will still be a fun read for you!

"Those shares are good value," I told my father. "You should buy them." I thought that he might, but could take some time. They're so good I'm probably going to buy them myself even though it means 'eating into my cash reserves'. "So what do you think?" I asked him later today. "I already bought them."

Taking action is key... you don't have to plan out every single detail. In fact doing this can often make you doubt your instincts. With my general 'genetics' and upbringing, I like to analyse things a lot. In chess often the more you analyse a position the deeper you will understand it. There are some basic things I should just do though. I'm pretty good with money- and give free advice to my friends. My friends don't know a lot about money often, but they trust me and take the advice and make money. That's it. A lot of complex things are written about investing (and I've read a hell of a lot of them) but at the end of the day all that matters is how much money you make. You don't get paid for reading. You don't get extra brownie points or cookies for having a 'balanced portfolio'. All that counts is how much money you make.

As quick ad... I've currently got some free time for financial advice. Contact me for details.

I don't think there are many people in the UK of my age who have read as much 'theory' as I have in my chosen areas. Now I have to take action and put it into practise. List of things to DO each day... best if I have control over whether I can do them, but still list some which I don't. Tick them off- do it each day. 2014 can be a BIG year for me... time to show and prove.

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  1. Great post! You've inspired me to TAKE ACTION!