Friday, 24 October 2014

Update To The Virgin Media Complaint

I guess you could call this good research into the broadband industry. Still extremely frustrating though. So in total now I’ve had instances where I’ve lost internet connection about 72 times this year. Since I spent 50 minutes complaining to the Indian call centre, giving them all my details, I’ve lost internet connection 12 times. I’ve now rung OFCOM on (03001233000) on two separate occasions, and got a much better response from then than Virgin Media. They agreed that I gave sufficient information to the Indian call centre, and I confirmed the details with the CFAS with them. Their number is 02075203814. I’ve added to the official complaint that their advertising (which they spend millions of pounds on) is misleading claiming ‘super fast broadband’ when it doesn’t even connect. OFCOM did give me some useful advice though, and encouraged me to switch to another provider. I know other people have had similar problems. I’m going to expect to be compensated for all the time I spend dealing with it- so you would have thought Virgin would have made an extra effort to get it right since complaining but obviously they haven’t, even though they said they would when I made my original complaint. All the time I don’t have an internet connection costs me money too. Anyway, hopefully this helps you if you have a problem with Virgin Media too.

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