Monday, 22 December 2014

My Share Writing 'Sales Letter'... Ready to Write for More Websites

Publishing my 'Sales Letter' for share writing here. In 2015 I aim to do even more share writing- I will write for anyone who pays me fairly! Hopefully if I write every day my content will become even more popular!

I am writing to you because I am interested in writing for your website.

I have written for the Motley Fool and am currently writing for ShareProphets. Since 2005 I have been a private investor, and for over a year now this has been my primary focus.

I am aware that I am not well known as a share writer at the moment, and I certainly have a lot to improve upon. However I would like to list some useful qualities that I have which may allow you to consider me to write for you on a freelance basis.

I am relatively young (31) and have been formally investing in markets since 2005, again a relatively early age to start. I feel that bringing share ownership to as many people as practically possible could well be a benefit for them. I like to produce a wide variety of articles for different readers, aiming to get an original angle. I am more than happy to give the dates and prices of the times that I bought shares, so that my readers can track my performance. I aim to have a personal connection with my readers.

As a writer I do have an amount of recognition. My novel Playing to Win was released in 2005 and has sold worldwide, although I would have liked it to sell more. I have been active on the Fool discussion boards since 2005, posting 662 times. I have been active on a number of other different message boards too. My blog has had 31,821 viewers so far, and has been active since 2009. I have a HNC in English Studies.

I am well used to social media and promote my articles heavily by this medium, and would be happy to comply with your social media policy.

My career so far has been in sales, and I have experience of working for companies such as Centrica, RWE, SSE, on behalf of BT and Sky. A full list can be found on my LinkedIn page. From my research so far, not that many share writers have worked in sales, so this can give readers an interesting insight into these companies philosophies. After all, all companies depend on sales at least to an extent.

Since 2005 there have been very few days that I have not checked the markets and followed the news of the companies I partly own. For the past year this has been certainly every day, for an average of about five hours a day. I am prepared to work hard on my writing too, and can produce articles every day if required. I would be happy to write for you whenever needed. I would honestly consider it an honour to write for your website and would give this my best efforts.

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