Friday, 13 November 2015

Violet Rowan Newbury Walk Chat

I've thought for quite a while about posting this but decided to now...

My parents decided to pay £124,000 for 12 Newbury Walk. With all other costs they spent at least £125,000 on it.

When you're talking about rental yield, even £525 is a poor rental yield for a house of that price in Huddersfield. What proper buy to let people do it buy a house for about £70,000 and get £475 a month rent for it. That's a fair rental yield.

Anyway I decided to do basically all the promotion and getting the tenant for Newbury Walk myself. That way we saved on estate agent fees. I did all the referencing for Violet Rowan for free- most of the time you get charged for that.

My father is a passionate Christian. He thought a 'fair' rent would only be £500 a month. But Violet had indicated she was happy to pay £525... so she agreed to pay £25 a month rent to me.

Only she didn't. She lied and hasn't paid me anything so far. And when I went round to Newbury Walk to check out the property, there was a dog in the house, breaking the tenancy agreement.

Violet Rowan contacted me in April to express her interest in Newbury Walk. Here are some messages- can't show you them all because too long and can't get facebook on this comp. Interested to know your thoughts.

Hi Mark I seen your add on huddersfield properties and would be more than interested to look at the house as and when available, bond and references can and will be provided, just let me know in advance thankyou. Violet Rowan

Hi Mark, I've received your email thankyou, I've had to message you this way I keep getting an error message on my emails to reply. Well all is looking good so far Mark. We definitely are more than keen to move into Newbury Walk, all being well hopefully by the end of the month. I'll leave it with you Mark, kind regards violet x

It was a great visit Mark, Paul and Natalie both love the house, hopefully it won't be too long and we're more than happy to help with the home
It's really important to stress you DON'T want them to do any more jobs

All we need is bank account details to transfer money ok
12 September 14:52
my sort code is xxx account number xxx bank xxx
tbh that would be better for me if u paid 500 to them and 25 to me smile emoticon

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  1. The tenant has acted in an appalling manner. You should aim to find a new one when the contract runs out, if not before.