Monday, 22 February 2016

Settings Standards For Yourself in A Relationship

This is one of those articles that's quite hard to write...

It's very important to set standards for yourself in relationships. With male relationships, I have no problems. I will not tolerate any man who lies to me or wastes my time. I have so many elite male friends that I don't even really have enough time for them. I'm so lucky with my male friends.

With female relationships though... can be a bit different.

But really you should just apply the same standards you do to male relationships. You shouldn't let people lie to you or waste your time. Of course... the female mind is very different from the male mind. It's like I said to one sociable girl recently... "Men are women are equal... but different."

You can read up a lot on this if you want, I have.

One of Ricky Gervais' tweets hit home to me recently... here it is:
"Nearly 14 billion years of non existence, one life, then back to non existence for ever. Enjoy it while it lasts!"

Lol Ricky... one of the few mainstream stars who actually is pretty deep (we both studied philosophy btw.)

There's no way I can let my prime years as a man pass by by caring too much about how a few or one girl thinks. Around 85 million girls turn 18 every year in the world. Sure, I might not 'have enough' overall to get the total elite girls (the kind I like sometimes)... but I have enough to get very good girls sometimes.

One quick edit that takes away a bit of directness but just to clarify. I do have 'relationships' with attractive sociable girls... but I think you get the gist of this post.

Anyway... so you can call it a quick edition. Probably the person who 'inspired' this article will read this one day. All I can say is every day is goal day and I know what I'm worth.

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