Sunday, 25 December 2016

2016 Goal Review

Blasting this out on CHRISTMAS DAY... just another goal day for me.

So let's get right into the goal review...

Financial Goal

Over achieved this. Shares have done very well this year... my belief and timing in the recovery of oil has paid off. You can check out a post back in January 2016... I called almost the exact bottom of it. I invested more money in BP and Shell this year and it's paid off in capital growth and dividends. Bought some BP at 348 including costs and they're over 500 now. With more money I would have invested more. BP is my biggest share holding now and I have a 5 figures sum in Shell too.

Eventually oil will get back to over $100 dollars again... might take quite a while but it will happen. These shares are still at least holds at these prices.

I've spent quite a lot of this year working for a FTSE 100 company and performed pretty well so that's helped too.


Exercise Well and Have a Healthy Diet

This one has been mixed. Again I still get points for having no alcohol, tobacco or drugs but my diet and exercise could have been better. I will continue to work on this.


Mutual Fulfillment With High Value People

So let's get right into this one...

Overall I have done pretty well on this one. My strategy of spending more time with quality people I already know has paid off well and I have attracted other good people into my life. I think this is really important... people who add value and you can help get mutual fulfillment with will always be there when you need them.

And this section is going to contain some free advertising for Financial Orbit because Chris Bailey is the person other than my family who helped me the most this year. Two billion pounds... it's hard to even IMAGINE that kind of money. A few years ago I never could have imagined that someone who managed that amount of money would give me free financial advice.

Chris works LONG HOURS yet will always aim to chat to me when he can- and when he does it is full of good advice I can reread again. That's a trait of practically all successful people... they all put in a lot of hours and energy. But Chris puts in more hours than anyone else I know... sometimes he doesn't even sleep for 40 hours.

And it makes me think back to a Brian Tracy saying "Success and failure take the same time." That's paraphrased. The time will pass anyway. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, both you and Warren Buffet. So many people in the UK waste time watch too much TV etc and even I'm guilty of that to an extent.

When you have something that is a passion or vocation it's not even work. You have more energy to do it because you love doing it. And I do... well love isn't the right word but I put a lot of time and energy into shares. And now I have a big six figure share portfolio. 13 years ago writing Playing to Win I never dreamed of that. I dreamed of being a famous writer... and I have made that to an extent but there is much more to come and much more I have to write.

Anyway I need to do more to add value to Chris... I give free publicity but should do more. I guess when you get to a certain level you enjoy teaching and helping people progress so I am very lucky to have his help. His share performance has been great in 2016 and he gives a lot of free great advice that if you follow will make you money. He has a permanent link on my site now.

Also I want to say thanks to Stevie PUA at Stevie PUA

A great friend for over 12 years and a man with the highest verbal and social intelligence I know. Back in the UK now after teaching worldwide... aiming to buy a house which I know he will do. A great writer and mind and I'm very lucky to know him. I will be helping him in his 2017 goals and more with shares too.

Just because I haven't mentioned you directly by name don't think I don't appreciate all the other people who have helped me too. There are quite a large number of those. Being honest Sebastian (he changed his name) is the next one along... he's too cool for social media so doesn't do it so can't put a link up. A proven winner... and when I chat to him it's like a flood of great advice that flows out that I read again and again.

OK so that's the positive part... now onto another part.

Of course there are going to be people who lie and cheat me. It's free to lie. The world can be a ruthless place. Yet if you have goals and a strong mind you can win...

But when people do lie, threaten or cheat me... I don't turn the other cheek. It isn't a good idea to lie, threaten or cheat me.

Anyway... let's just mention one person directly by name.

And that person is Karlina Rose Shaw.

This is quite hard to write but I feel I have to. For myself more than anything.

Karlina is a smart girl who's gone through the public sector in the UK well. She is lucky in a way that the NHS is around now... life would have been different for her if she lived 70 years ago. She might have kids by now and be a housewife. She has very high verbal and social intelligence. Overall when you're talking looks, verbal and social intelligence probably the highest quality girl I've seen.

Yet... a ruthless streak too.

And I have one, lots of people do. But I am never ruthless to people who don't deserve it. I will never deliberately ignore someone I've known for over five years. I will at least be sociable with them.

And she hasn't even done anything BAD to me, let's be honest. But maybe this will serve as a wakeup call that it's at least nice to be sociable with people you've known for years. Karlina reads this blog so I wonder what her reaction will be...

Anyway I've said it now. There are plenty of other girls out there... being with high quality ones though, the only kind I would like a relationship with, can be challenging. It's like... you can only spend so much time on girls and women and so much time making money. Sometimes this year I have been so tired from making money I haven't had the energy to go out... hope to get that more in balance in 2017.

Overall though I am pleased with my mutual fulfillment with high quality people this year and look forward to 2017.


Research and Aim to Buy a Buy to Let Property

I have put quite a lot of time into researching this and have lots of decent LinkedIn connections who are pro property investors. At the moment though I would have to sell some of my shares if I was going to do this which I don't want to do. My share performance has been very good his year so it's alright I haven't bought a buy to let property. At the same time though... you can have highly undervalued shares and highly undervalued properties. If you buy a property at the right price in the long term it will rise in value- it is more 'secure' than shares in that way.

Ideally I still would like to own buy to let properties or invest in houses in general.

The house I played a big part in doing buy to let... I live in it now. So that gives me extra experience too.

I'm not scoring myself on this as I deliberately chose to put money in shares instead.

Anyway... THANKS FOR READING! Goal review for 2017 will be written soon.

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