Saturday, 28 January 2017

Time To Get The Lambo?

It's 6:30am on Saturday morning... and I have an idea for an article...

This one is actually more 'content' than other ones... partly because I've been working pretty hard at a job recently.

I attended a foreign exchange seminar recently. The teacher was saying how some people got excited when the trade went up. "Time to get the LAMBO!?"

A lot of people in the crowd got excited.

I've never had that impulse.

Do you think Warren Buffet thinks TIME TO GET THE LAMBO? Nope, second hand cars for him.

In a lot of workplaces I've worked in a lot of people have got their monthly wage... and then spent a lot of it on alcohol. I've been on sales residential conferences where even talented salesmen spent more than what they earned that day on alcohol.

I've never had that impulse.

Because by chasing consumeristic toys you will never get rich. Think Rich Dad Poor Dad.

And it's not even just the money spent. Steve Jobs didn't want his 'brain space' taken up by spending loads of time and energy on clothes.


I've touched on this subject before but I'd like to add something a bit more.

How much money you earn is measured by how much value the world thinks you provide. So a star football gets loads, loads of people like watching footballer.

Is he working thousands of hours more than a salesman? Is he thousands of times more intelligent?


It's perceived value.

So there is a CHANCE you could spend/invest a lot of money on you appearance like a model to get more money. There are plenty of rich models. But that is more an INVESTMENT because you are spending money to get more money.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the FREE article. There will be more content to come, I like writing. I want to get to 100,000 views asap... hopefully before the end of 2017. Yet I want to get it with QUALITY CONTENT... and there will be more to come.

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