Sunday, 5 February 2017

Playing Omaha

Quick poker post here... first solely poker one for a while.

Over the past few months I've been playing more omaha cash games than hold em.

Partly inspired by Joe Ingram's podcasts... he's very into the game!

It's been fun and my win rate's been good.

What I'd say is that it's worth learning Omaha if you don't know it already as sometimes there will be some VERY bad players playing. Like just gambling really. I've stacked a lot of these players.

Takes a bit of work but if you're good at hold em you can get good at omaha. You'll be playing more hands probably and it is a bit more of a gambling game but if you know the odds you'll win against the weak players.

I've also played some Omaha hi lo... it's probably the most interesting game I play at the moment. It's even a more 'risky' game than straight Omaha... but again there are very bad players. You can make some creative plays on the flop.

However... it's still worth playing hold em too. Just think of Omaha as another string to your bow.

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