Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Even Though I'm Not Getting Paid Why Do I think It's Cool to Write?


Watching this and decided to BLAST OUT ANOTHER ARTICLE.

I think my shares went up about £850 yesterday...

They did that while I was working from home but I wouldn't have to had to do anything for them to go up.

Anyway this article is not a share article. This article is about why I like writing EVEN WHEN I DON'T GET PAID FOR IT!!

When I was about 4, my mother got me hooked on books. She took me to the library and I started to read.

I went to QEGS junior school, a posh private school at the age of 7. But even before that I like reading books. I read books like Dilly the Dinosaur. I could read decently by about 7.

QEGS encouraged us to read and I read a lot more there. Lots of different books, I read A Christmas Carol, the short version. I read the real version of Animal Farm by about 11. I read plays, and played the part of Lord Effingham from the play Drake at the age of 11.

I liked writing from a young age too. When I was 4 years old I wrote a poem about trains and it got in 'The Huddersfield Examiner'. I think I said it and my mother might have written it out. Here is what I can remember:

"Trains go fast
Trains go slow
Trains take you anywhere you want to go
They travel through the woods
They travel through the world
They go up hills
They go down dales"

Not bad for 4.

I could touch type by about the age of 9. It took a bit more practice but from about the age of 11 I was a decent touch typer.

At school and college, Batley Grammar and Greenhead College, most of the subjects I took involved writing a lot. Some of the stuff I wrote there was pretty dam good if I do say so myself. It will be on old hard drives somewhere and I would like to dig it out sometime for you. I wrote "To What Extent Does George Orwell Create a Dystopia in 1984?". I wrote "To What Extent was Nazi Rule a Legal Revolution?". That last title is paraphrased but it got 93%.

When I was 19 at Leeds University I started writing my novel. This was my first time away from home. I spent quite a bit of time in the library. I thought I could either just read a lot all my life or I could write a novel. So I started writing.

You've read about this before if you've read my blog. Everyone was telling me not to write a novel. My family said give it up. When I finally finished it nobody wanted to publish it conventionally. But I didn't give up. I had a French friend and he told me to publish it as an ebook so he helped me and I did.

I've written on many different internet forums sometimes under different names. Again I would like to reclaim some of that writing, some was pretty good.

Even when I was doing regular jobs, I would still try and sell my novel. I have sold way over 1,000 products now but the hardest product to sell is my novel. Some people buy it though, some people who I like I give it away for free.

In 2014 I sent an article into Fool, hoping they would publish it. To my surprise they did. I had 4 articles published on Fool and got paid £45 for each of them.

Then Fool said I did not get enough email sign ups so I couldn't write for them anymore. I told Rupert Hargreaves and he said apply to write for ShareProphets, so I did. They accepted me. I got paid 0.5p per unique view at first, but it went up to 5p per unique view.

I wrote for another site which conned me, paying 1p per unique view. I still have those article and I will republish sometime.

Overall over 100,000 people all around the world have read my share writing.

I just like the buzz of writing. I love the feel of words coming alive onto the page. For a share investor, it helps you understand shares more. It keeps you accountable to your goals. When you write on the internet THERE IS NO HIDING PLACE.

The world can see your thoughts.

So of course you do need to get paid in order to survive in the modern world. But I'm good enough now where I can still write for free because I like to.

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