Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Iweb Slow Again

tatus: Connected
You are chatting with: Thomas typing
Thomas: This service can provide you with general help and guidance only. It cannot be used to give advice. Never reveal details of your password or PIN while using Web Chat.
You: where's the lloyds dividend?
You: this is going on twitter now and my website
Thomas: the dividend has been released, what is your dividend option
You: it's not showing as cash in my account
Thomas: I will just look into that please bear with me
Thomas: As your dividend is in a product ie the ISA the payment goes into the account overnight so it will be showing tomorrow
You: No today is the legal payment date
You: already tweeted it and now this is going on my website
You: Been told previously it will be there by now.
Thomas: But the dividend has been released, you have received £70.51
You: So pay it asap today
You: It's not released if it's not available to cash out so make it available now.

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