Friday, 6 April 2018

My Instinctive Thoughts On Shares And Making Money


Let's get right into an article...


I'm a bit tired at the moment because this has been a full working week. I worked on the bank holiday despite snow. Every day is goal day.

Share and spread performance this week has been very good overall. BP, GSK, RDSB, SSE... they all recovered. I could tell they were all cheap. A lot of my FTSE 100 shares are still relatively cheap.

I managed to exit quite a few spreads in profit today and over the past few days. Practically everything I've 'closed' has been profit recently- and spreads such as Taylor Wimpey are fighting back. I spread Taylor Wimpey earlier in the week at close to perfect timing. It can certainly reach 200p a share again quite soon despite going ex dividend.

So yeah let's touch on a few other things.

I haven't talked to my share mentor Chris Bailey in about a week. I won't totally get into why. But I understand he has other things to do.

I say he is my share mentor and he is. But you could also say my father is my share mentor too. I was only fifteen years old when he gave me a share magazine and told me to pick some shares as I had too much in cash. I didn't know anything about shares then but I chose Manchester United. He said that was OK and bought some too. I still have the certificate in the new house.

I made over 100% plus dividends.

My dad doesn't even look at shares that much these days but has quite a lot of the same shares that I do. I talked to him today and he managed to get a better deal on his gas and electricity with a company I had never even heard of. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

My father has been investing in shares before Chris Bailey was even born.

Even my grandfather had some shares.

So it's my duty in a way to carry on the Howitt tradition...

It's a Brave New World now though. My dad never shorted shares. He never spreadbet. It was much harder to twenty years ago- the internet wasn't even widespread...

Part of me being a share investor now is trying to take advantage of when shares are too cheap AND too expensive. There is a multitude of opportunities. Maybe I will just learn a set number and take advantage of when they are cheap or expensive. FTSE 100 shares are better for spreadbetting though as the spread is much lower. I have some spreads on Greene King at the moment but the spread is a bit too big on that one. It has to be quite a compelling opportunity to spread a FTSE 250 share.

Slamming in a bit more after Wheelie D chat... yeah I am going to spend some more time learning the TA side of things... it's not something that like massively instinctively appeals to me TBH but it will help me make money so I'll do it. Hopefully get Wheelie to tell me some things TBH... he was the first person I really chatted to about spreads and we chat most days... he's v into TA...

So yeah... I talk to other people about ideas. I read about ideas. I closed out of IAG today as a spread which Chris said not to go for. But really it's just another version of Easyjet really... I still hold IAG shares.

The court case against Lloyds is over now. My lawyers believe there may well be a favourable outcome. I do too. Three and a half years in the making but I do believe another chunk of money will be coming my way.

Understand that I remember everything important that happens to me. Illegal builders who have disturbed me will not go unpunished. I have a very good track record with legal claims and complaints.

Yet anyway I see the chance to make more money in the future and I will do so.

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