Saturday, 21 July 2018

Writing When You Want

Blasting this out before heading out to HUDDS on Saturday night...

As a writer if you're not writing for money, you should write... when you want.

So ideally in this modern consumer instant gratification world... this means you should have enough money to live without getting money for writing. I've been at that stage for quite a while now... it means I can write what I want without having to 'suck up' to people...

That's quite a power. And with over 150,000 share article views worldwide and now over 92,000 views on ... it seems people are READING.

So yeah, that's a quick tip for you if you're a POOR writer. And obviously you might be a GOOD writer... but poor in terms of cash. Writing fiction is about the hardest thing you can do with the most brain power for the least cash for most people... I know that from getting 5p an hour for 18 months.

Use that brain power to make money in another way... and THEN write. You can do it.

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