Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 GOALS

2011 GOALS

Play amazing poker. I want to play cash games at quite a lot higher level than I do now, and by this time next year I will do. Already deposited more in, tomorrow I start the gradual progression. I certainly will do this.

Reach a high overall wealth. I'm setting myself an ambitious target again, and I'm ready to put all my energy and talent into getting it. I'm ready to do this- this time next year I expect my cash and share value to be a decent figure.

Perform superbly in sales. This year in periods I've performed the best ever so far in sales. Under very challenging conditions too. Well I've learnt from that, and I'm learning every day. 2011 will be my best sales year yet!

Get to know more great people! Really pleased this year with people I've got to know. The friends I've known for years as always have been amazing. You know who you are, and I'm privileged to know you.

If you'd told me a few years ago that I'd have chatted socially to some Chess Grandmasters and other high achieving people, I wouldn't have believed you. Subconsciously I would have thought they were too high value to talk to me. I clearly know now that some of the most talented people are the most open to connecting with other potential big winners.

So in 2011 I want to push my comfort zone and meet more GREAT people. Mutual fulfillment is what it's about, so I want to learn from them and provide value to them too.

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