Friday, 7 January 2011

Trusting Your Instincts

So... my goals are going reasonably well for 2010 so far. Shares have been performing well- yesterday I was at my total peak wealth. Poker has been going pretty well too- I'm playing fine, am at my peak winnings in cash games and have qualified for the biggest tournament of my life on Sunday. Cash nicely in that one and I'm really ready to play higher stakes. So I'll be preparing for that- my MTT game is at its peak now, so time to show and prove!

Anyway... instincts. Yeah, trust them. For all of 2011 so far I've been hyper focused on my goals- more so than ever before. I'm aiming to make all my actions bring me closer towards them. Anything which isn't is only moving me further away.

There are always challenges in achieving big goals, but that's why you set them. I think where I've stumbled in the past is on a few occassions not trusting your instincts. Two main reasons for this- of course, with thoughts that flash through your mind and just gut feeling you can't quantify immediately WHY you feel that way. You just do. Secondly, often it's socially unconventional to trust your instincts. You'll be doing something against the herd instinct, which is so strong in most people. It isn't in me but I have slipped up sometimes. I won't be doing that anymore-I'm responsible for getting my goals and I will do whatever it takes to win.

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