Sunday, 26 May 2013

You earn money by producing value

The UK society doesn't value people playing chess much. Sure, it may develop your mind but people on the whole aren't willing to pay money to sponsor or watch it. This explains why one of the best chessplayers in the UK, Luke McShane, has a job in the city instead of playing chess much.

Overall when earning money the more rare or valuable your talent or skill is, the more you will get paid. So somone working in a supermarket won't get paid that much, because there are a large number of people who could do that, but a 'star footballer' will get paids hundreds or thousands times more because apparently not many people could do that. And people like watching football.

Sooo... how does this relate to YOUR GOALS? You have to discover something that people value and will pay you for which YOU like too.

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