Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Goal Update

So we're about halfway through the year... time for a goal update.

Depends how you define it... in some ways I've already smashed my financial goal, in others I'm ahead of target. This is DESPITE lots of bad things happening to me, and not being paid yet for some work I've done so far. I've put a lot more of my wealth into shares and am confident in the long term they will earn a good return. I feel more comfortable putting much more of my money into shares now... you get a better yield than money in the bank and I've got a good record. I've opened a new share account with lower dealing costs so have been buying more. Just have to be careful not to 'overwatch' shares. My timing could have been a bit better with some of my purchases, will study the charts and businesses more before buying in future :) I wouldn't mind being a full time share investor, as that's what I've been mainly doing for nearly a year now.

Also, I finally got compensation for the injuries that almost killed me about a year and a half ago. Huge task to get this, but I am much more familiar with the law after going through the process. Learnt a lot and will be more effective in future in these dealings.

The law firm I used wanted me to do a free review of how they did... they provided me a free post envelope to do this! They liked doing things by post a lot, I guess it added to their fees... (I did no win no fee, obviously). I reckon they got at least as much in fees as I did in compensation. Anyway, I offered to do an objective but fair review of their services (along with a link to their site) here for a small fee... but apparently they're not allowed to pay people for that! Lol. All I'll say is they were quite good overall, but I will shop around next time too...

Anyway... fairly happy with money overall but still need to push it more. I may well be doing articles for on shares. I will have to research and deliver high quality content, but I REALLY want to do this. Been using the site for over nine years and being published there will be one of my best writing moments. Time to deliver on that.

I'm doing alright on meeting great people too... in fact my score for this out of ten will probably be the highest it's ever been because I've pushed my comfort zone in new ways. However... time to KEEP pushing! Cut out people who offer no value and develop deep connections with those who do.

I've cut all the chocolate and crisps out of my diet and am exercising more now. Doing fairly well on this yet still more room for improvement! With diet and exercise it's a case of doing similar things every day. There's nothing too 'intellectual' about it but you have to keep disciplined. Improves your life overall.

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