Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Thank You

So... busy days! I wrote here that I'd like to write for Fool and within a few days this happened. My first post even featured on ii. Four posts published now in total and more written...

Just one of those surreal instances where you want something to happens and it does... just today I've had by far my highest number of views ever- one thousand people have seen my site in the past twenty four hours. So a big THANK YOU for everyone who's read my Fool articles... this is one of the biggest impacts I've had as a writer. Been a member there for nine and a half years now and it's always the first site I recommend in person to people wanting to learn about shares. Yet... there's more! There's a great community at Fool and I'd strongly recommend you check out the message boards there too. I post as Huddersfield Mark. You can find a wealth of information about more or less ANYTHING- and free as well, just like the report.

So... what does this mean? Means I'm going to be writing different things for different sites hopefully! Obviously I still want to write more for Fool, yet I do want to write about ideas too. So I've been contacting sites about this and hopefully that comes true too.

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