Friday, 23 June 2017

Lloyds Chat

Status: Connected
You are chatting with: Sukhdeep
Sukhdeep: This service can provide you with general help and guidance only. It cannot be used to give advice. Never reveal details of your password or PIN while using Web Chat.
You: Where's my bp dividend
You: I want it paid asap
You: aka now
Sukhdeep: Hi Mark, the dividend for BP is due today. We received the dividend payment in bulk & manually distribute it to our customers accounts once it's in our possession. We state in our terms & conditions that it can possibly take up to 10 working days for that dividend to become available to you (not saying at all it will take that long, but just giving you realistic timescales of late it can be in the worst case scenario)
Sukhdeep: It will be credited to your account in fair & due turn.
You: You don't call me Mark
You: You address myself as Mr Howitt
You: Show some respect.
You: It needs to be in now
You: This is going on my website
You: Already on twitter
You: Better be there asap.

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