Saturday, 10 June 2017

Seventy Five Thousand

Time to blast right in there with a SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND POST.

I love these ones... I just say whatever is on my mind.

Let's keep it money focused first. I'm delighted to be writing on Investomania now. We got 10,000 views in May and I want more in June. There are 2 more articles already done. I feel like allocating some time to do some every day. It's like I have a lot of views and I still have Chris Bailey telling me how I should have done it better... it's my material but nice to have that... input.

Gives him something to do when he's not 'mentoring' his 3 girls I suppose!!

Yeah so 75,000. Pleased with that but I still WANT 100,000 VIEWS THIS YEAR. We can do it. I have plenty of high quality pictures and video content to release now. I have been checking out a lot of the companies I own in person like HSBC, Whitbread, Lloyds... giving the staff a nice friendly probing. Every day is goal day for me. I've read One Up on Wall Street and feel it my duty as a shareholder to check out the companies in person.

So yeah 75,000. I mean, hi mum. Pretty big number. But my writing ambitions are still much greater than that. Chris Bailey gets LOADS of money for a share article... he is like the money pimp of the share writing world. I still want to get more money, but I want to deliver ORIGINAL CONTENT. I am not just a share writer, I am a share investor so most of the companies that I write about I invest in. It's a real game for me.

I know you like your global reaches so here is the monthly overview for you...

Practically every country with internet access has visited this site.

I can write about anything and I want to write about anything. Feel free to hit me up for some paid political writing, I have lots to say on that. There is much more to come. Thank you for reading.

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