Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Goal Review

2014 Goal Review

Well... let’s get right into the 2014 GOAL REVIEW! My goals for 2014 were written about pretty quickly- but they’re worthwhile goals. Let’s recap:

Clear financial goal- get this figure and more!
Eat more healthily, exercise more and take better care of my body.
Mutual fulfilment with high value people.

Clear financial goal- get this figure and more!10/10

Reached this! At the end of 2012, I came a whisker away from death. If I had just a little more weakness I would have been dead. Almost eighteen months later, after going through a lot with doctors and lawyers, I cashed the biggest cheque I ever have in my life. So that helped a lot.

This year has seen me transfer around 75 percent of my money into shares. My share performance for this year has only been OK really... but I feel that in the long run I have bought part ownership of some businesses which will generate large amounts of wealth for me in the future.

Let’s be real though... there have been plenty of ways I have made ‘financial errors’ this year. I think one of the main ones was not valuing my time enough. There have been times that businesses and people have lied to me. However I’m now in a position where I can spend 24 hours a day making money online if I want.

Like I’ve said before... money is just like a score in a computer game for me. In life you’ve just got to do what you want as much as possible... I like doing shares and poker so it’s not ‘work’ for me. I now have a share portfolio which potentially could make me enough money without having to do conventional ‘work’ for the rest of my life... but obviously there is much more I want to do.

Writing share articles has been really interesting and enjoyable and I will be doing more of this in 2015. I’m going to aim for doing plenty of ‘paid writing’. The main reason I like writing is just the flow... and blasting out great ideas. But if someone or some company won’t pay you for that in this society means that they don’t value it... and in terms of a financial goal I’d better off doing ANYTHING ELSE which earns more money than writing. So I’ll always just write what I want... but aim for PAYMENT and that’s one of the ways I can measure how valued and influential I am becoming.

Mutual fulfillment with high value people 8/10

This has been a very interesting year for ‘mutual fulfillment with high value people’. Still... good score. Let’s crack into why I gave myself 8/10.

All the great people who were my mentors or friends at the start of 2014 are still my mentors or friends. And that’s great. Creating deep and long lasting friendships is key... a lot of smart people consciously try and AVOID making friendships with new people so they can achieve better relationships with the great people that they already know... and there’s a lot of sense with that. There are people who I will just spend hours talking to now where it is a joy... so much I can learn. At the same time I do keep an open mind and let other high quality people into my life... and there have been quite a few of those gained in 2014 too!

I’ve pushed my comfort zones in some ways that I never have before which is another reason why I get 8/10. I will be doing this more in 2015.

At the same time, there have been errors too. I would pinpoint it down to two people who I have cut out of my life now. When I say cut out... people should remember that every action has a consequence and it’s not a good idea to lie or cheat me. So you may be seeing some follow up... I’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for me. In fact, with one person I can say that they caused quite a lot of wasted time and energy... which actually led to me losing money. Sometimes the tears come, and there is just nothing that you can do in that moment. Regardless, I have to take responsibility for this- only positive people should be in my life.

Eat more healthily, exercise more and take better care of my body 6.9/10

This was an interesting goal to blast out... I’ve only done OK in this. I’ve not smoked, drank any alcohol or done any drugs (in fact the last time I had an alcoholic drink was 2004 and I’ve never done the other two in my life) so I get decent credit for that... but there’s room for improvement in other areas. Need to exercise more and eat more healthily still. I’ve taken a certain amount of walks and should do this more... and improve my diet too.

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