Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015 Goals

So let's get right into the 2015 Goals.

Financial Goal

Get This Figure And More. My share performance was only OK in 2014... but I feel that I've learnt a lot. I want to improve this in 2014... it's a case of trusting my instincts but being patient at the same time. I'm sure my share performance will continue to be positive over time.

When I'm in 'money mode' it has to be all money. It's funny about my age... some people call me an 'old man' at 31 and some think I'm too young. Well I think I've got 31 years of experience. It's an accumulation of knowledge- yet I still have to make sure I am fully present in the moment and can react with high energy when needed.

I'd put money on me getting this again.

Mutual Fulfilment With High Value People

Yet putting even more focus on maintaining and building friendships with high quality people. I'm already doing very well with this overall- it would be 'ok' just to improve the relationships I have yet of course I'm keeping an open mind to getting fulfilment with other high value people. Want to be even more proactive in helping those who already help me reach their goals though.

More High Quality Written Content

My ShareProphets unique views were over 10,000 in December (counting just actual views from Decemeber). I feel that I produce high quality share writing now, yet want to make this even better. 2014 saw MANY more posts than any other year and ideally I want there to be a high number in 2015 as well.

At the same time I Am Not Mother Teresa. May even do a separate post on this. The rest of my family seem to want to do practically everything to help other people. Go to Liberia, spend loads of time and money helping others... etc etc etc. Now I don't do that, but if I'm not valuing my own time enough when share writing (which can certainly help other people) while not being paid enough... I am being like Mother Teresa in a way. And that has to not happen. The world can be a ruthless place and plenty of people are ruthless to me. I will never be ruthless to my friends or anyone without good reason, but at the same time I can be ice cold when I need to be. Companies better find another person to try and con, because it won't work on me and I will get compensation.

Ha... sound a bit angry there, but it's important to have different elements of my personality!

In 2014 I've been paid the most per hour for writing many different types of content (some of which you won't know about)... so that's cool but obviously room for improvement!

I do have to get more technically savy overall too. A mini goal is to post at least five interesting pictures here this year- ideally originally taken by me. Ideally I want to produce video content too- this isn't a firm goal for this year but I would like it to happen.

Better Health And Diet

More exercise and a better diet.

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