Sunday, 11 January 2015

What's Happening Next With My Share Writing?

Fun night out in Huddersfield last night... made me realise it's very important to get the money and fun balance right...

Anyway... what's happening next with my share writing? I'm always direct and honest with you, so here it is. I've had a contract offer from another site to write share articles for them... and I've written two pretty good share articles that may well appear there soon. I'm in negotiations with two other sites about writing articles there too.

I've cashed out of poker to focus more on share writing. I still have tickets and a few tournaments I want to play but there will be more time spent share writing. I want to write in new ways yet still creating authentic and popular material. I'm actually a bit annoyed with myself that I haven't managed to do this yet... and there is extra 'work' to do and things to learn. But I can do this. Of course I can. It's not like this is HARDER than having a worldwide selling novel at the age of 22. I'm going to create better share writing, and if I don't I'm going to give money to beggars on the street (plenty in Huddersfield) something I never do.

So thank you for your continuing support! I'm really happy that I achieved over 10,000 unique views for my share writing in December and please continue to view my January articles.

When I was writing my novel I told people that I was going to be a successful writer. One girl said something pretty interesting... "I'm sure you will be a success... but remember that it does depend on other people who read you too". And she was right. Without your support it isn't worth my time writing financially. I still always say what's on mind and never try and pander to anyone... but I create authentic material that way and people seem to like it. Over 10,000 people can't be wrong :).

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