Friday, 25 December 2015

2015 Goal Review

This is the first year since writing financial goals down from 2011 that I have not met my financial goal. Largely down to share performance to be honest with you. I should have spent more time analysing shares and in retrospect kept more in cash. Still I’m giving myself 8 out of 10. I still have a six figure share portfolio and I still believe in the long term my shares will continue to make good gains.

I spent a lot of the year advising the family over a £124,000 house purchase. I believe they paid too much for it- told them so about 100 times. My father can’t really negotiate with people sadly. I can and made several visits to the vendors’ house. He still did not leave the house in a good enough condition though.

So after the family bought the house they tried to put me in it. I didn’t want to and organized a buy to let. I was put in a difficult position because the house was empty for one month and we were losing money every day. So I was basically forced into letting Violet Rowan and her family stay there- and so far she has lied to me by not giving me the £25 a month she said she would. Ever £525 is a poor yield on a £124,000 house. So as things stand I will be looking for another tenant when the year’s contract is up. The Rowan family have also violated the tenancy agreement by having a dog in the property- not a good first impression to make. I’m glad that I have many property connections on LinkedIn who are fully aware of this so they will not repeat my mistakes.

Still I believe the house will at least be an OK investment in the long run, and my father did get his timing right by selling some Sainsbury’s shares partly to finance it.

I would like to say thank you to Stevie PUA at I’ve known Stevie for over twelve years now and I’ve never met anyone with a higher verbal or social intelligence than he has. Even if you’re not into seduction give his website a look because it’s full of great writing.

Also a massive thanks to Darren- he’s too cool for social media and doesn’t have a website so I can’t link him in here. What an amazing guy though, I think it’s surreal he even talks to me.

Big thanks to Chris Bailey of When I first spoke to Chris this year after we’d both written on ShareProphets I hoped that I might get a couple of minutes of his time. What followed was an avalanche of advice- all good. Very surreal that someone who’s managed TWO BILLION POUNDS of money will actually take that time to give me financial advice. If I was in his position I probably wouldn’t! For sure check out his website if you’re into shares- he is like the model of what a pro share investor should be. Hopefully he will keep giving me advice in the future- I think every time I buy a share I will ask him if it’s a good idea first.

Thanks to Rupert Hargreaves Rupert is one of the best young share writers in the UK I’ve read. Sure you might have read him on Fool but he actually writes in lots of other places too. We don’t always agree but he’s worth a read for sure. I am going to give Rupert some free advice as he has been kind enough to give me good advice this year. Sometimes on Fool there are a few grammatical mistakes in the articles- not many but a couple. This is the kind of advice I was given when trying to get my first novel out. I sent it to a ‘chess writer’ and he was like... well there should have been a comma on page 13.

I said thanks.

Anyway keep an eye on young Rupert. I think he could go onto big things. We are not chatting atm but hopefully will in future!

I would like to say thanks to Tom Winnifirth at Tom is not always right but he was right about the valuation of a lot of High Yield shares in 2014 and into 2015 too. I was just of the mentality... well it’s a good yield and good PE... let’s buy to an extent. All that matters in shares is how much money you make- might be a good yield but if the price drops like a stone you’d be better in cash. Tom is actually my kind of writer- he says what he thinks and doesn’t really give a fuck what most other people think. I would like to write for him on ShareProphets again but hopefully while doing a full time job as well.

It was a waste of time writing for ADVFN this year- I think maybe I was like emotionally effected by being dumped by SP and so just wanted to write more. Now I only write if I really want to write something... or if I’m being fairly paid. Both is ideal combo. Articles all saved and will be republished.


This was only going to be a sentence in my original write up. Then I talked to the person and they said they didn’t want to be mentioned by name, so I’m not going to.

I am going to write more about it though.

I’m careful about the people who are my friends now. I’m lucky that I’ve got some elite winners as friends- and part of me being a friend to them is helping them with their goals. There’s only so much time I have, and I want to use it wisely for mutual fulfilment with people.

Anyway there’s a person I’ve known for four and a half years now who I met again this year. I never thought I’d see them again. Some other close friends have advised me not to spend any more time with this person- and I listen to their advice on these kinds of subjects a lot. I did speak to them again though- I was quite ‘hardcore’ with the words I used when speaking to them the first time but I always try and keep quality people in my life if I can.

Overall I would say the energy between us is better than before but I’d like to give this person some free advice. There’s been one time this year when I was a few minutes late for meeting a girl when I said I would- I phrased it like “I’ll be there around 11”... and turned up at 11.10. The girl was very annoyed with me! I mean actually I wasn’t even lying but she still gave me quite a hard time about it. I said sorry because I know the feeling’s not nice when you’ve agreed to meet someone and they’re not on time- the vibe actually was quite difficult for the night with that girl, but it got better.

Anyway this person who I spoke to again agreed to meetup with me twice- and didn’t.

Notice how I am not even referring to the gender here.

I’m old enough now to realize that people can act this way sometimes. I’m not stupid- I realize that everyone is doing what they think is best for themselves and that if someone wants to do something else sometimes they will, well, lie. That’s one word you could use, or change their minds.

I’m still chatting to this person but I feel I have to be very ‘detached from an outcome’ in the interaction. It’s a useful learning experience.

I would like to say thanks to all the girls who have been nice and friendly to me this year- quite a few have been. Here are some pics:

Saw her again later when she wasn’t in her work clothes and a vid was made about that- don’t have it to hand though.

Anyway at the moment I’d like to say I’m single and open for offers ;)

8.8 out of 10

Health and fitness... that’s been quite good this year. Still no alcohol drunk despite many people around my age in the UK being partly addicted to it. No drugs, cigs etc. More exercise has been done. 8 out of 10, needs to be even more next year, a walk every day.

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