Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Guest Post

Going to do a 'guest article' for the first time ever on this blog. This is from a top poker player... def read the end bit.

2016 Annual Poker Goals Blog
28 Dec 2015

Before we move on to the goals we've set for 2016, let's take a look back at how we did with our 2015 goals:

1. Cash for $2 million- This one came down to the wire as I closed the year with 4 straight cashes from my 11th place finish in the main event to my 3rd place finish for $640k to finish off the year and put me at $2,482,479

2. 55 tournament max- In 2013 I played 66 events, in 2014 I played 56 events and set the goal to play even less in 2015. I skipped WSOPE late in 2015 which allowed me to stay under my goal and I came in at 49 for the year.

3. 12 cashes- If I actually played 55 events rather than 49 I think I would have hit this goal, coming just shy with 11. The WSOP during the summer only produced 4 cashes and that's definitely below what I expect to do each summer considering the high volume I put in during the WSOP.

4. 5 Final Tables- Just missed this one too, finishing with 4 final tables.

5. 3 WSOP Bracelets- I have been setting this lofty goal each year and while it's obviously a major stretch, I know it is a goal I am capable of accomplishing. I ended the year missing out on a bracelet with my closest finish coming in the $10k Stud 8 event where I came a disappointing 3rd.

6. Move up on the WSOP All-Time Cash list from 5th to 3rd-Didn't quite get enough cashes to pass Men Nguyen for 3rd place finishing with 83. Men has a total of 84 and I'm very confident that I will pass him this year and then set my sights on #2 on the list Erik Seidel who has 95. Phil Hellmuth is going to be out of reach for probably a decade or so since he is way ahead with 115. I do believe that I will catch my buddy Phil by the time they bury me in the ground.

7. Maintain 3rd on the WSOP all-time money list- I was able to do this, but Jonathan Duhamel put in a big effort to get within a million. To move up an additional spot I'll need about $1.6 million to surpass Daniel Colman who trumped me in the One drop in 2014.

8. End 2015 in the Top 10 of the Global Poker Index- I didn't put in enough volume especially in the second half of the year to contend for a top 10 spot, finishing a respectable #39 in a very competitive field. My goals of playing less events certainly were at odds with accomplishing this goal as there is no question that playing more volume equals a higher ranking in the GPI

9. Top 10 CP or BLUFF- The Story is the same year. A lack of volume and just 4 final tables isn't going to get you in the top 10 of either of these lists.

10. Two Non Poker Vacations- You would think it would be easy to accomplish this goal, right? Well, I planned on attending Burning Man but backed out at the very last minute. I am not a drug user, and while I understand you could enjoy the experience without doing any hallucinogenic drugs, the more I heard about it, the more I realized I didn't want to go. I love my life. I'm extremely happy and I felt a massive relief when I finally backed out of going. I get that lots of people absolutely love the experience, but I also know me, and I just don't think it's for me. Other than that, I'd hoped to make a trip to Romania and didn't do that either.

So with that, I accomplished 3 of the 10 goals I set for the year, narrowly missing out on a couple that would have gotten me to 5. As you can see, I set lofty goals, and I do so for a reason. I am NOT ATTACHED to the result! This is really important to wrap your head around so that you don't get into trouble when goal setting. I throw things out in the universe that I'd like to see happen. Whether I do or not has NO EFFECT on my psyche. If I accomplished just 1 of the 10, I don't see failure, I celebrate the result I accomplished as well as the journey towards all of them.

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