Thursday, 24 December 2015

Comments on ShareProphets Tips!

Quick paste from chat currently having with Chris Bailey...

"thing is that percentage figure doesn't take into account dividends
in terms of those two shares i think i have done ok this year
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bought glaxo at right time last time
bought more hsbc this year at 550
Mark Howitt
so when u take divis into account it's ok- i believe they'll go up in future"

On a more official note I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to around 100,000 people who've read my writing on this site. I will write a bit more about this on my blog. Quite a few people have been asking me if I'll write for ShareProphets again... well that's up to Tom really. I would like to in future but know that I have a lot to learn- including 'listening to my elders and betters'. I remain a long term buy and hold share investor with a six figure share portfolio and every day is a learning and goal day.

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