Friday, 20 October 2017

"Cos I Like It"

Let's get riiiiight into another 'what's on my mind' bit of writing!!

Rupert Hargreaves asked me recently why I retweeted and liked my own tweets. "Cos I like it" I said quickly, not having to think.

If I write something that I like I will just be happy to say I like it. Now... some people WON'T. Why? They might think it's 'boasting'... or maybe not modest enough. I think you should just express your feelings how you like. Writing is often a way of getting your emotions out and you should just let it flow.

With people I like and as much as possible I like to say just what's on mind. I wasn't always like that- when I was younger I tired to overthink quite a lot... think about all the different meanings something could have for example. Maybe try and get the perfect words. But about 9 years ago I realized that most of the time people are just saying what is on their mind... you don't have to think too deeply about it. What they are saying is what they mean- there is not a hidden agenda. So you should just see it for what it is and react to it.

And I will be like that when I am in a sales convo or chatting to a girl probably. Quite a lot of people will be overthinking or maybe have to read from a script in those situations... I just react to the energy that is there with a goal in mind. And that's refreshing for people- people can tell when you are reading a script or not confident in what you are saying.

Because really life should be doing what you like as much as possible. Best thing would be doing what you like ALL THE TIME.

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