Monday, 2 October 2017

My Shares and Spreadbets Have made me over £1000 Today... is this Good News For my Employer?

Let's get right into this one...

So it's been a very nice day for my spreads and shares today. All my recent trades or investments have paid off. To be honest with you on just a normal 'good' day I will be worth £1000 more at the end of the day. There have been days where I have been worth over £2000 more.

Yet is this good for an employer when deciding whether to hire me? I believe it is. Probably most importantly this means I have no 'money worries' like many people in the UK. Average amount someone has in readily available cash is around £1000... and I've been in many jobs where people have been struggling to pay the bills. This issue doesn't effect me so I can focus more on the role.

Added to this fact is the property I live in is fully paid for... so no 'mortgage bills' anyway.

It takes a certain amount of dedication and persistence to be a good share investor or trader and I have demonstrated that for over 12 years... you can call it over 17 years if you count the share investment I made (with big profits but without knowing much about what I doing) at 15. You also need a certain amount of analytical skill to analyse a share and then buy it at the right price... a skill which I've demonstrated I can do again and again.

So at the moment I'm looking at a few interesting opportunities for employment... feel free to contact me if you think my skills will help your business!

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