Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Learn By Doing


Day off 'regular work' today yet still goal day... and I have an idea for an article...

Called Learn By Doing...

For too much of my life I have read too much. I got hooked young, brought into the library by my mother at about 3 or 4. I think I was conditioned to the mindset of- the more you read the more you know and the better you will be. And that's true TO AN EXTENT. But it's also not true.

You can read too much and your brain can get overloaded. And often just reading something is not the best way to learn it. Even with a subject you could consider partly theoretical like chess... you will definitely learn more by playing a lot rather than just reading about it. I remember at 14 reading up massively on chess history... to be a better player I should have just played as much as possible.

For something more physical it's even more about doing. For example running. I ran quite a bit in my teens- I was forced to by school. And looking back some of that was the toughest part of school, it hurt the most in a way. But you can also say that it brought some of the most practical benefits too. TBH I think when young it is good for education to have a forced physical aspect to it... you shouldn't have to push yourself too hard but I pushed myself pretty hard when running. And today I will continue with my daily exercise.

I still probably read too much now. The thing is you can read up on something so much... but when you come to actually DO IT you will often find things are different than what you have read. You probably won't get things perfect first time. However by just pushing yourself to learn new things you will gradually become better at learning. For new things that I am learning now... I have made some silly mistakes, but nothing too massive, yet I've learnt from them and won't do them again. I really think I am at the age now where I have to push my comfort zone.

Do things, learn things, reflect, then do them better.

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