Saturday, 19 May 2018

Zen Wizard

To be a good share investor/trader you should almost be like a zen wizard. You have to be calm and see the opportunities then pounce at the right time. In a way it’s good to be almost emotionless when trading. You should never panic when there are losses as long as the fundamentals of the share remains the same.

There always will be chances to go ‘long and short’ practically every day but you just have to remain calm and pounce at the right time. And there are more things to go ‘long and short’ on than at any point in human history right now. There will be more in the future. So you kind of just have to hone your ‘wizard skill’ as much as possible and do it as much as possible.

To save time and energy you can always just let a spread hit its limit rather than watch it too much... you should have a clear target in mind when placing a spread that you want to hit.

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