Sunday, 20 May 2018

No Emotional Attachment To Shares

Blasting out a quick but IMPORTANT stream of mind for you on Sunday...

You should have no emotional attachment to shares. If you own shares you are a shareholder, not an employee.

Even looking back on my life with Centrica shares... I was part of their share scheme but when I left I 'lost' my bonus shares. Centrica doesn't REALLY care about me although British Gas was a good company overall to work for...

For companies you have not even worked for there should be no emotional attachment. HSBC does not care about Mark Howitt. BP does not care about Mark Howitt. Sure I own part of the business and make money out of both shares but they don't care about me AS A PERSON.

So you should not hold onto a share just because you have for years or have any kind of feeling of 'loyalty' to them. They don't have loyalty to you. Chris Bailey is getting onto to make a spreadsheet of all my shares and see if I am making the most efficient use of my capital. I'm not literally going to do that but if I feel a share is overvalued I will sell it. I can always buy it back again if it drops down to a lower level.

With spreadbetting I can make a small financial allocation and get exposure to any share in the world.

So yeah... No Emotional Attachment To Shares. All that matters is how much money you make.

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