Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ethical Treatment of Writers?

I have quite an important point to make right now. I'm copying and pasting this message onto my blog too- so more people will see it. I posted a link on Albion's LinkedIn page to the article- and it was deleted a few hours later. There was a point made by Patrick Reeve about 'valuing journalism' in the talk. It was really touch and go about whether I should go to the seminar- I could definitely have made more money doing something else. And they delete a link giving an objective review of their seminar. Not good- especially since my father owns some of the shares. Really he'd be able to get a better return elsewhere...

Hmm... now I wonder if this could possibly SWAY my writing of the next two articles... hmm maybe it will SUBCONSCIOUSLY! I'll still give an objective view of Albion etc but treatment like that may well influence me!

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