Sunday, 2 November 2014

Thirty Thousand

So we made it! Thirty thousand views from all over the world. I really appreciate the support, thank you. This site has links from other interesting people now, and it’s benefited from me writing articles on other top sites. I’m in negotiations with other sites to write for them and if you’d like me to write for you feel free to contact me! As a mark of my appreciation, my novel Playing to Win will now be on sale at 60% off for two weeks. . A lot of what I write is just stream of consciousness stuff, but I spent eighteen months writing this, read through it about one hundred times and have done everything I can to make it as good as possible. Just as a direct message here- if people do not support writers eventually they will not be able to write anymore. I’m glad I have plenty of money from other sources, and love producing high quality free content, but I really do appreciate it when people invest the money and time to buy my novel.

We will reach six figures here. In the future I want to take more pictures and produce videos too hopefully. This site has helped me connect with many great people, so thanks again if you’re one of them reading this!

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