Sunday, 9 November 2014

Global Reach

Surprises me how many different people this blog connects with. I'd never specifically heard of the British Indian Ocean territory before, yet people came every day to visit this blog last month. I hadn't heard of a 'DoCoMo' either, yet people use that to access this site. It's cool, I like it. Smaller buzz than when people bought my novel in a country I hadn't heard of, but I still like the Global reach. I think some of my Asian viewers (I get quite a few from China every day) are because of my HSBC articles, and I plan to write more about them in the future. Everytime I write a share article interesting people check out my LinkedIn.

In future I want to connect with people more in different ways. I may to do some exclusive email articles. I appreciate all the donations I recieve from around the world too. Thanks for supporting me, and here's to 100,000 viewers!

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