Monday, 24 November 2014

Mark Howitt Replies to Comments!!

Quite a few comments here so going to blast out a quick reply...

This post was written as a simple and direct way to get people interested in investing in shares. So many people could do better in the long run investing in shares than having money in a bank account... especially if that bank account is earning 0% INTEREST... so for those people they're getting NO RETURN AT ALL on that money and they would NEVER earn 6%.

And nope I haven't 'thrown 75% of my total wealth in at the top of the market'. I've been investing in shares since 2005 and now I'm at a stage where 75% is in. I'm investing in INDIVIDUAL shares and have made some decent gains so far this year... but the really big gains will be in the long term future as these shares continue to go up.

Hopefully this article will interest people to check out my other articles on this subject to gain a more detailed understanding- yet I deliberately wrote this as a simple and direct post.

I am a person who's not afraid to hide behind a username and likes to write for different audiences- always directly speaking my mind. I guess that's why I have a worldwide selling novel and users from all around the world coming to visit my website every day.

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