Sunday, 12 June 2016

Change Your Mind... Change Your Life

Blasting this one out after a big day of poker yesterday, fun night out last night and just back from nice walk...

I started reading a book yesterday and it was good enough to change my mind. I'm going to keep this book to myself for now because it's THAT GOOD but if you're a close friend I'll tell you.

Important point... getting high quality info FROM BOOKS is GOOD. I'm going to spend more time doing this and less time 'surfing the internet'.

Good writing and books stand the test of time. For self development books though the key is if THEY MAKE YOU TAKE ACTION. I've read quite a lot of them but now I'm just going to put the principles into action. I already am doing but will more.

So yeah over 58,000 views from all around the world now... amazing. Clicking with people from around the globe, a hundred years ago it would have been practically impossible. There's more to come- video content and more 'business' perhaps.

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