Friday, 3 June 2016

Managing A Six Figure Share Portfolio

So word up... woke up at about 6am and had a thought for a NEW ARTICLE that could help me make more money potentially...

Blasting this one out quite quick but again it's one of those minimalist creations that could actually help YOU make more money too.

I tell people that I 'manage a six figure share portfolio'. And I do. It's just that my idea of managing it is to buy good shares and just... hold them. It's a bit like a surreal dream when they go up THOUSANDS OF POUNDS A DAY... with me doing NOTHING.

But anyway. Yesterday at one point Shell were up 2% on the price I bought them a few trading hours before. Even with FTSE 100 shares you will see this quite often- there are rises of say 3% within a few hours of trading.

So anyway... just a quick thought entered my mind. I could actually just sell the Shell and make a profit on my trade. I didn't as this would defeat the purpose of its great dividend yield... and I BELIEVE it will go up more in future. However I and you COULD sell shares like that after a short period and make money. It would be better to do that and make money rather than having it in the bank earning little interest.

Hmm hmm hmm. At some point in my life probably I will do some 'shorter term trading' as unless I can be the only person who CHEATS DEATH I will die eventually. So you don't need 'long term investments' when you're dead. I could just do some shorter term trading and spend the money if I wanted to.

Little bit of thought needed to get this next bit out... ok then I think I've found a fun way of expressing though. You COULD make money that way but... hmm I think it's good if you have the experience of being a long term investor doing it too. I mean some people like to or have 'day traded' before. There's 'plenty of profit to be made'. But I think if you're investing KNOWING that you HAVE to sell in like a day or a few days that's bad. All depends how much money you make. I am not a day trader... people like Rupert Hargreaves have more experience in that than me!

Quick final blast. The ability of MANAGING a six figure share portfolio shows in HOW MUCH PROFIT YOU MAKE. That's all that counts. Over 11 years in there are still different things I could be doing to make more money. And it fully made me realize that with a bit more money I could be a full time investor if I wanted to be.

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