Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Up Your Game

Blasting this one out after a nice bath and good walk...

Exercise is v important and I'm going to do more!

If you speak to high quality people it can make you up your game. Let's go in direct with one recent example from me. Chris Bailey Financial Orbit and I talk about shares most days. He seems to work AT LEAST A TWELVE HOUR DAY on shares practically EVERY DAY. Been reading more of his writing recently... helps me learn more about shares. Thankfully I've bought more Shell recently which he also has and it's done very well. But talking and reading his writing it's clear that there's a lot more I can learn about shares. And I have to push my comfort zone to earn more money to invest in shares.

If you speak to high quality women makes you realize that you may well have to UP YOUR GAME if you're going to connect with them. An attractive socially intelligent (possibly rich too) woman will have LOTS OF OPTIONS. The good thing is though a socially intelligent man who talks to attractive women has lots of options too... but really I think just drives you on to improve yourself just so you can be with that level of woman.

It's like... male and female energy bounces off each other. Those attractive girls ARE wanting for a high quality man to talk to them... because there aren't too many around who will!

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