Sunday, 12 June 2016

Newbury Walk

Posting this now...

At some point, possibly September this year, 12 Newbury Walk will be available either as a whole property or for one tenant in that property.

The rent will be around £540 for the whole property or around £280 for one tenant. The deposit will be about five weeks rent.

This is a good opportunity for you. The property cost £124,000 and improvements have been made to it since then. The property has 2 bedrooms, new boiler, good condition and a free parking space. There is an alarm system and I'm considering investing in CCTV for the property. There is also free visitor parking. It's a new build with a water meter so the running costs are low.

With the one tenant option you will be living with me so it's key that you're someone I will get along with. You'll probably have a full time job and good social intelligence.

So I'm letting you all know now so you have plenty of time to prepare for this!


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