Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Can I Manage a Six Figure Share Porftolio And Do a Job?

Hi employers,

One thing that sometimes comes up in interviews (probably if the employer is 'not sure' about me) is the fact that I have a six figure share portfolio. A few have been like... but can you really manage that and do a job?

I don't think the other candidates for the job have a six figure share portfolio. The interviewers aren't share investors.

The answer is... YES I CAN. I am a long term buy and hold share investor. That means it's up to me to spend as much time or as little time as I like on my shares.

I'd like to say WELL DONE to the good companies I've worked for (some of the best in Britain) who know that I can do sales jobs (for example) AND manage my portfolio. Personally I think it would be a plus to have a candidate who'd accumulated that much money... and was keen on getting more. Sure anyone can say they're 'money hungry'... but a lot of salespeople are too impulsive with their money and will never get rich.

Anyway I'll be ringing some more jobs up today!

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