Tuesday, 12 January 2016

You Only Get So Much Of High Value People's Time

Well this is quite a post intense day today! None tomorrow as I'll be viewing a buy to let property and been doing a lot of research today.

But let's get right into it and blast out another post.

I rang up Christopher Watkins today, he's a property expert. We chatted for just over 5 minutes... and then I was ready to go because I didn't want to take up too much of his time. In those 5 mins I got a lot of great advice that I will implement. I didn't even want to take up his time until I had actioned his ideas.

I've just been talking to another very smart guy. Difference here is I first met him over 11 years ago. He has VERY HIGH social intelligence, one of the highest I know. I tried to get a poker person to interview him once and he was like... no. I asked him if he knew other poker people. He did. But those kind of poker people would want £300 an hour for an interview.

We talked for about an hour then he had to go.

You Only Get So Much Of High Value People's Time

Value can be a relative term. I guess it depends on your view. There are some people that others would view as valuable that I would not at all. Even with my sister's wedding... if I hadn't been paid the £10 in petrol I would not have gone. But it turned out to be an ok investment of time.

So what you can take from this is... if you're speaking to a high value person make sure you ask GOOD QUESTIONS then action what they say to you.


  1. You had to be paid the £10 in petrol before you went to your sister's wedding????


  2. Yep. She took years to buy my novel and as a taxpayer I pay her NHS wages.

  3. It cost me less than £10 in petrol though so I made a profit :) And I sold a copy of my novel while there plus free food. Goal focus.