Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Making the Right Decision Now

I was stalking the BG share price today. I got about 40 quotes.

The first quote I got was 961. Hmm... not a bad price I thought... but it had been 960. I decided to buy if it got to about 960 again.

I had already won one of my biggest pots in poker for a long time... partly by being patient and waiting for a chance I guess. I started playing another poker tourn as well at the same time as stalking.

I cashed in that poker tourn at the same time as checking the share price.

But the BG price kept creeping up. I started getting a bit annoyed at myself for not making the decision before. Because part of the thoughts in my mind was... it's worth a bit of my time to getting it at a slightly lower price than 961.

But then I started thinking more logically. BG is going to get taken over by Shell- this will be confirmed in the meeting tomorrow. This should mean that all other things being equal the price will rise over the day. I had a feeling the price would spike right at the end of the day.

I ended up buying 976.

They're 991 already today. If you're not a share investor basically what will happen with buying BG (British Gas) at this price is you'll get about a 10% return on your money. In one month. Then you'll get Shell shares which will go up over time too.

What have I got out this?

Probably that it's good to get the right logical framework and then make a good quick instinctive decision. A good life can be made up of making many right decisions at the right time.

I think with shares you can like pick up good ideas from research... but then it's about executing those ideas at the right time at the right price.

All you can do is make the right decision in the moment you're in now.

Secondly that I might actually do more 'shorter term' trading. It's something Chris Bailey suggested to me. It'd be a new skillset in a way but I could learn it. All that matters in shares is how much money you make.

Thanks for reading and super pleased we're above FIFTY TWO THOUSAND now!

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