Tuesday, 19 January 2016

People Lie AKA Gage Masterson Lies to Mark Howitt

Blasting out this one because it's been on my mind lately.

I think it's good I'm doing it while in a nice mood since shares up over £1000 today.

I've been thinking how much people lie recently. It's quite a lot. A 'typical person' must lie several times a day.

How much does it cost to lie? Nothing.

For about 7 years now to people I like and as much as possible I've been trying to say what's on my mind as much as possible and not lie. I mean there may be times where someone's asked me for some exact info sometimes and it's been slightly inaccurate- you could call that a lie but it might be worth saving the time to getting it largely accurate. Those kind of 'lies' are ok.

And there might be other times where it's 'ok' to lie aka if you were saving a good person's life for example.

But some people will just lie because they feel like it. Think Violet Rowan. And unfortunately think Gage Masterson.

In 2014 I was pretty keen aka desperate for a job. I was offered one by Gage. Looking back it's interesting to see he offered it on a self employed basis at first. But later he agreed to pay me. Only he didn't- I worked about 7 days for free and spent other time worrying about it.

Anyway, can't change the past and hopefully this will be a warning to others. It's like when you google Craig Joyce now in google you see the first thing that comes up is his assault on me. Maybe this will be near the top for Gage too.

So when you're talking or negotiating with someone remember THEY COULD BE LYING. Some people won't blatantly lie but some will. If you know the person has a 'good reputation' or hasn't lied to you before you could conclude there's less chance of them lying. But they still could. Remember to focus on concrete things like how soon you will get money when working for them.

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