Thursday, 5 May 2016

Getting Perspective...

Going to blast out something bit longer here...

Important to have perspective on things... just because something goes badly in the short term does NOT mean that will happen in the long term. It can be just a short term 'blip'. Lost some poker pots by being unlucky a few days ago... that didn't mean that I couldn't win big yesterday, despite spending much less time on it, and I did. Just because ONE (literally one) interesting person isn't REPLYING TO MY INTERNET CHAT atm (lols) doesn't mean that I haven't got MANY other high value people that I can chat to every day. I'm not afraid to go 'direct' if I have to though (plenty of material...)

Yeah and shares up today from bad yesterday. Actually was a buying opportunity yesterday... still could be today. They've got up about £1000 today. £1000... plenty of people in the UK work hard for a month for that. Around the world people are working longer... it's just one tab to me.

Goal day :).

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