Friday, 20 May 2016

I'm Single

I'm single.

Going a bit more direct on this subject than before....

I'm single and this 'area of my life' is something I'm going to work on more. Too much of this year has been spent acting like a bitch thinking about ONE girl... she's not thinking of me. But then again she's being kept up by a cough in rented digs with thin walls so it's not like she's got a PERFECT LIFESTYLE...

I would say overall I'm doing OK in this area but there is ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. The weather is getting better now etc etc. I'll be using 'poker time' to put more time into this area. I've actually thought and STUDIED a lot about it but the real deal is... you just have to GO OUT TO INTERESTING PLACES AND CHAT TO INTERESTING PEOPLE. I need to do this ONCE A WEEK OR MORE. Twice a week or more ideally. Going out on Sat...

I'm 32. I have less energy than I did when I was 21. But there are still people OLDER than me who have this area of their life better dealt with than me and are still 'pushing it'. There's no excuse. Fitness plays a role and I'm going to make myself do some kind of exercise every day. I know plenty of theory and know people who are much better than me in this who'll help me. But at the end of the day I've got to get my results.

Just to put another direct thing on it. 32. I will DIE EVENTUALLY ;) I will have less energy eventually. Got to make the most of the time.

Having said that though I do have decent experience and knowledge- quite a lot more than at 21. So that helps. There's plenty of opportunities out there. I may even travel more this year to put myself in different situations.

So word up...

Maybe you're a girl reading this. Well I do like girls who are into reading and writing. You don't have to be but quite a few girls who like me are. Some actually have read ALL OF THIS SITE. So yeah I'm into writing if you are you can read as much or as little as you want for free. Putting my pic at the bottom.

Quick goal review of yesterday. Bought some more British American Tobacco- got it at 4091. The PE was higher than shares I normally buy but I still think I got a decent price and it will do fine in the long term. I mean, it's a shame that the NHS will have a bit more work to do potentially but hey... that's CAPITALISM.

Played 2 poker tourns perfectly but bubbled one and nearly bubbled the other. So I have two more sit and gos to play at some point over the next 2 weeks but apart from that... might not even play at all or little.

Went for decent walk and did some other exercise- walk EVERY DAY if weather is OK. Played some chess... did quite well. Not spending TOO LONG on it but keeps your mind sharp. With chess it's nice to not be effected by some random luck. Did plenty of comps and a few surveys won prize in comp. Applied for a few jobs online and rang one up.

Lot to do today including supermarkets in few hours. Will do daily mini goal reviews in near future.

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