Friday, 20 May 2016


Off to supermarket in few minutes... current thoughts on shares. I'm currently in the mood that potentially I would be OK with buying a share holding it for a year then selling if I 'had to'. I'm not really at the stage where this would have to be the case as I have plenty of money but I feel confident enough in my own ability to do that. I may learn about 'shorting shares' too. Basically if I see a situation where I believe I KNOW I will make much more than the interest rate over a year I would do it.

I was very tempted to buy Shell yesterday making it two shares bought in a day... if I could have got it for 1660 I would have. If I'd have just bought for 1665 it'd have been but about 2% ALREADY... oh well plenty of opportunities out there. If I need the cash I can just sell the shares, no problem.

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